Live, after dodging Bowsette as microtransactions in an EA game, the Guard reports with real, hot game news! Today: Epic skips the Ghostbusters, the Fallout 76 beta is hefty, free XP in Spider-Man, Psyonix over Rocket League crossplay, and more. Good afternoon!

Epic Games takes killer ghosts out of Fortnite almost immediately

Oops, Epic accidentally made players in Fortnite a tad OP by adding a fun Halloween bonus to the game. The developer added so-called Shadow Stones, and by using them players were transformed into ghosts. For 45 seconds a player becomes transparent, he can run faster, jump higher – and yes, he can also be shot. The problem, however, is that the ghosts also have a weapon themselves through an exploit, and can use it, which triggered the necessary criticism from players who were killed by invisible ghosts. The ghost effect is also made permanent by that exploit, so Epic saw no other option than removing the Shadow Stones. For now; Halloween is still a few weeks away, and Epic will probably want to fix the bricks ASAP to add them back in right away. Who you gonna call ..?

Fallout 76 beta is 45 GB, pre-load not possible

It’s no surprise that the Fallout 76 beta is huge. The beta contains the full game, which means that you have to download no less than 45 GB of files before you can start with the beta. To make matters worse, the game cannot be pre-downloaded (pre-loaded), although it seems that the wording in Bethesda’s official Fallout 76 FAQ could change: “Currently the BETA will not be available for preload. ”

The fun of downloading doesn’t stop with the beta, certainly not! If you play it on consoles, you will have to download the game in its entirety again on November 14 – the release date of Fallout 76 – this time the official launch version. PC players can continue to use their beta files and thus save a download session. You can read the important information in the screenshot below (via gearnuke), but you can of course also read the FAQ yourself.

The Fallout beta does not have an NDA, which means that starting October 23 (and October 30 on PS4 and PC) you can stream, screenshot, YouTube and share whatever you want. Everything before the beta is of course under NDA. The full game Fallout 76 will be released on November 14, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

There is a weird XP exploit in Spider-Man

For the three people worldwide in need of an XP exploit in Marvel’s Spider-Man, there is good news. By doing tricks in the water, Spiders can string XP together like never before, but the Guard will be a little disappointed if anyone here decides to try it out. After all, it is in no way difficult to level up in the game; everyone who goes through the story and does some side missions must already be at max level at the end of the ride. Nonetheless, it is the duty of the Guard to report news such as this – and avoid all that Bowsette ‘news’ like the plague – so a short description is in order.

At this point, you can simply make the game think you are doing tricks in the air by doing them in the water. Go for a swim with Mr. Parker, jump briefly in the air and start rolling forward; Peter will roll like never before and the game thinks Tony Hawk has suddenly gotten into the spider suit, earning you about 12 XP per second. But just play that game out anyway!

John Carmack: “Oculus Quest is at the power level of PS3 and Xbox 360”

On Thursday, Michel already reported the existence of a new VR glasses from Oculus, called the Oculus Quest. The glasses are unique because you do not need a PC or console, as it is a system itself and can be placed on your head. Today we learn about the technical side of the glasses, because CTO John Carmack – the man who brought us the first Doom years ago – talks about it for an hour and a half at the Oculus Connect 5 conference.

The juiciest news that we can get out of this is that the power of the Oculus Quest can be compared to that of an Xbox 360 or PS3. Carmack refers to the fact that many games from the previous generation aimed for a resolution of 1280×720 at 30 frames per second. According to him, the Quest has two screens of 1280×1280, with a frame rate of 72. But that doesn’t mean that we will soon be able to play all our favorite last gen games on the Oculus Quest: “It is not possible to take a game that was done at high-quality level and expect it to look good in VR. ”

Carmack goes on to say that we can’t expect the Quest to reach the level of the Oculus Rift either, and that has largely to do with power delivery. After all, the Rift draws 500 watts from a PC, and of course you don’t have that with the ‘stand-alone’ Oculus Quest. This means that developers have to program their games differently than for the Rift, for example; “With a modern PC, you have so much extra power, you don’t need to be a hotshot programmer to make a game people love. [..]You don’t really have that convenience on any mobile platform, really, but especially not on our platform. ” (via Videogamer)

The Oculus Quest is due for release in Spring 2019 and costs $ 399.

Sony Schmony

Nintendo wins Mario Kart lawsuit

The Japanese company that organizes city tours in Tokyo in go-karts, and attaches a Mario theme to it, has to stop its activities immediately. Nintendo has won the lawsuit it filed against the company, forcing the Mario-named company MariCar to scrap all of its Mario activities and to donate some 10 million Yen (€ 75,800) to Nintendo. The kart tours may continue, but the Mario marketing must stop. So the question is whether and how the company will keep it up, after that fine and losing their gimmick. Their website still has the same name, but most of the Mario photos have been removed.

In an official statement following the winnings of the lawsuit, Nintendo reports that they will continue to fight against companies that are making off with their franchises.

We’re here waiting for the green light and ohhhhh ….. # mariokart # / zyI2eHv9rp

– Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) May 24, 2017

Dead or Alive 6 also appears in Japanese arcade halls

Koei Tecmo confirms that in addition to the PC and console versions of Dead or Alive 6, there is also an arcade version, and it will be playable in Japanese arcade halls. The game runs on Sega’s ALL.Net P race MULTI Version 3 system, should that mean anything to you, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like we can get started in the West. Not a big surprise, otherwise. Dead or Alive 6 is out February 15th for PS4, Xbox One and PC, so we’ll have to wait until the day after Valentine’s Day (via Dualshockers) …

Psyonix boss talks about Rocket League crossplay

After Sony announced earlier this week that they will finally allow cross-play in Epic Games’ Fortnite, other developers are also feeling the need to respond to cross-play functionality in their game. Take Psyonix, which takes a surprisingly detailed look at cross-play in Rocket League on Reddit. In the statement, the developer says that cross-play was a priority from day one, but realizing it was impossible without help from other parties (mainly Xbox / Microsoft and Sony). That help is now mustache, which means that Rocket League cross-play is coming, but Psyonix calls on players to have a little patience. “There are still many factors, some of which take time, that means we have to have some patience.”

You can read the full explanation here. How exactly the cross-play will take shape, and when it should really go live, is still unclear. For example, we do not know if you can share your Rocket League account on, for example, a console and the Switch, so that you can continue with the progress of your account on the go; for the time being, the focus seems to be on making interplay between PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch possible at all.

Splatoon 2’s 4.1.0 update adds ‘latest new map’ Skipper Pavilion

Nintendo isn’t averse to adding new to Splatoon 2, and that will continue in early October with the 4.1.0 update. The update adds what Nintendo calls the “final new map” for Splatoon 2, as well as a slew of new weapons. Through Tweets and a Tumblr post, Nintendo showed the map a few of those new weapons last week, including a special ‘Booyah’ bomb. Players know that with a press of the d-pad you can shout ‘Booyah’ to teammates, and with this bomb that screaming has a function. You and your teammates can use it to charge the bomb. Nice idea, you know. The 4.1.0 update will be released in early October.

This is Skipper Pavilion. It’ll be the last new stage to be added to # Splatoon2 when it arrives in October.

Some Inklings believe that visiting this mystical place can help win Turf Wars…

– Nintendo of Europe (@NintendoEurope) September 26, 2018

A new Special Weapon called the Booyah Bomb is coming to # Splatoon2. Once activated, charge it up faster by signaling “Booyah!” Teammates can also get a small bonus to their special meter with “Booyah!” rally cries of their own! Unleash it once it’s charged for a big inksplosion!

– Nintendo Versus (@NintendoVS) September 27, 2018

Darkest Dungeon DLC The Color of Madness coming to Switch, Xbox One and iPad on October 11

Developer Red Hook Studios reports via its own website that the Darkest Dungeon expansion called The Color of Madness will finally also be released for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iPad on October 11. The DLC costs $ 5 and comes with a free bonus, The Musketeer DLC, plus a balance patch that went live for the PC version of the game in June. Those who own the physical version ‘Ancestral Edition’ for the Switch will receive the The Color of Madness DLC completely free. Oh, and if that’s your thing, you can now download a Darkest Dungeon announcer pack (with commentary from The Ancestor) in DOTA 2.

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