Kingdom Hearts 3: requirements to unlock the secret ending

The Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending is one of the unlockables in this crossover between Square Enix and Disney.

If you thought that everything ended with the post-credits scene of the game, we anticipate that it is not like that and that you will have to fulfill a requirement to be able to see a special scene, as is customary in the saga.

We are going to avoid putting spoilers about the content of the video in this text, but we do anticipate that you will need to dedicate enough time to one of the secondary activities of the game to be able to see it.

How to unlock the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3

The first step is pretty obvious: first you have to finish Kingdom Hearts 3. Beat the final boss, watch the credits and the cutscene that comes after.

Once you have completed the adventure of Sora and company, the real task begins: find a certain number of Fortune Bearers hidden throughout the different worlds of the game and photograph them.

The most important thing to know before you start looking for them is that the number you must get changes depending on the difficulty mode in which you have completed the game: Beginner, Normal or Expert.

  • If you are playing Beginner, you will need to photograph all 90 Fortune Bearers to unlock the secret ending.
  • If you chose Normal, you will have to find a smaller amount: 60 Fortune Bearers.
  • Finally, players who finish the game on Expert will only need 30 Fortune Bearers to achieve the unlock.

Once you reach the amount required for your difficulty mode, save the game and return to the main menu. You will get a notice that there is a new video in the Theater.

Go to that menu, scroll down at the very bottom and you will find a new cinematic in the “Secret Video” section. Hit Play and get ready for what’s to come.

Remember that this video is not included in the starting game: you will have to update it through the Internet to version 1.03, which was released on January 22.

To finish, it is important to clarify that, of course, you can find the Fortune Bearers before finishing the game to unlock the secret ending immediately. It all depends on the order in which you prefer to do it.

Looking for more to unlock? You can complete all the Battle Challenges of Kingdom Hearts 3 and, taking into account all the Fortune Bearers that you have unlocked, it is still a good time to start synthesizing Artema Weapon.