He Nintendo Direct yesterday left many surprises, one of them was the announcement of the Kirby Star Allies arrives on Nintendo Switch for its 25th anniversary. It was at E3 2017 where we first learned that the Nintendo character would debut on the hybrid console but until yesterday we did not know its release date.

What’s new in content

Kirby will have new abilities never seen before. You can become an artist and paint your companions to defeat your enemies. The pink character will have a powerful paint filling brush whoever crosses your path. You can combine skills creating new effects. Kirby will be able to create the Icicle spear using water and ice.

Kirby will also have the powers of a spider which will allow you to hold your enemies for several seconds.

The game incorporates a cooperative mode up to 4 players called Friendship Train that allows players to form a team to compete.

We leave you a video where you can see some of the skills presented in the Direct from yesterday.

Kirby Star Allies will arrive on Nintendo Switch on March 16, what do you think about this arrival?

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