Kynseed is a “whimsical 2D sandbox RPG” made by ex-Lionhead developers

After the owner Microsoft closed Lionhead Studios last year, some former team members got together and founded PixelCount Studios.

They went to Kickstarter earlier this month to help raise funding for their 2D role-playing game, Kynseed. It should be a slim 30,000 pounds, and it has already been, yesterday, ten days before the end of the campaign.

PixelCount describes Kynseed as a “whimsical 2D sandbox RPG” full of decisions with implications. It’s about raising a family over several generations, cultivating your land, working, for example by running a tavern. Or another business.

“Owns a tavern and brews beers with bizarre effects. Be a blacksmith and make weapons and tools. Manage a p******y and mix remedies for a variety of bizarre smallpox and curses,” says the official description.

And further: “Every person and every domesticated animal you meet remembers what you do or what you fail”.

The seasons should change and everything living should age and eventually die. Up to your own player character. When that finally happens, the eponymous Kynseeds are passed on to his children “so that they can continue the bloodline and shape their own legacy”.

If you want to try out Kynseed now, you can do so using a playable prototype.