Last of Us 2: New trailer from Abby’s point of view is still receiving a lot of dislikes

  • Playstation has uploaded a new story trailer for The Last of Us 2.
  • This shows the story from the perspective of the second protagonist Abby.
  • Internet in turmoil again.

On the Playstation blog, Sony posted a new trailer for one of the most hotly debated titles of the year online. The Abby trailer for The Last of Us 2 shows the events from the point of view of the second protagonist – presumably in an experiment to create more sympathy for the character, which, after leaks from parts of the plot, met a lot of hatred even before the release, which also took weeks did not ebb after market launch.

It was probably intended as a cure, but for some Sony seems to have been tinkering with an almost healed wound that the second part of The Last of Us had inflicted on many fans who simply couldn’t come to terms with certain character developments.

While the like-to-disklike ratio is still on the good side with a good 58 percent, around 15,000 dislikes (as of 13:01 on December 4th) look as if many players are still resenting Naughty Dog key decisions in their narrative. Even more users seem to like the trailer, their number is currently 26,000. Sony is also grateful in its Playstation blog for the many positive voices from the community that have reached the company since its release.

The second main character, who can be played later in the game, has made himself unpopular above all for her deeds, which had serious consequences for Ellie’s life. Previously, the audience favorite’s lesbian kiss and the outcome of the adventure had already put parts of the gaming scene into turmoil.

In Alex’s opinion, The Last of Us 2 was not a pleasant experience, but precisely because of that it was a rewarding experience. If you still need help playing through the controversial title so that you can finally have a say, we can warmly recommend our complete solution.

Source : Twitter Feeds