WhatsApp beta has just been updated and the main novelty is the arrival of dark mode as we will see in the final version. The application developers have modified the dark mode operation to sync with iOS 13, so it was only compatible with iPhones with this version of the operating system.

WhatsApp has changed the operating mode of the dark mode to adapt to the standards of iOS 13, WhatsApp uses Apple’s APIs, so the dark theme will not be available for users running iOS versions prior to ‌iOS 13‌. That is, you will need an ‌iPhone‌ 6s or later updated to the latest version to be able to use it.

This is what the dark mode of WhatsApp looks like in iOS 13

All the WhatsApp beta users can now try dark mode of the app, a few months ago we already told you how you could sign up for the beta program to test all these new features before anyone else. We have been able to test it and we can assure that its operation is more than correct.

WhatsApp’s dark mode is completely in sync with iOS 13, similar to how Instagram does. Namely, there is no button inside WhatsApp to activate it, simply we must activate the dark mode of the system And then the dark mode will be activated in WhatsApp, something very simple and that Apple has been asking developers since the launch of iOS 13.

We do not know exactly when dark mode will be available globally for all users, the beta version that includes it is and the one that is currently available in the App Store is 2.20.22. Normally, it does not usually take too long from the launch of a beta until the official update, so if there are no serious errors, very soon you will be able to enjoy the dark mode of WhatsApp on your iPhone.

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