Tomorrow is the big day! Assassin’s creed origins you will receive your first DLC in which players will find new content, as well as a small and new history to be able to play. Ubisoft wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate with a launch trailer.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones debuts tomorrow as the game’s first downloadable content on all platforms.

As we already mentioned in its day, this expansion continue with plot of Assassin’s Creed Origins, revealing more details about the growth of the famous brotherhood of assassins. In this way, players will travel four years to the future, after the events of Assassin’s creed origins to a time when they will converge with a roman force in a new region of the world: the Sinai.

The new story is not all that players will receive, as we can increase the level of Bayek of the 40 to 45. And of course, there will be new content available in our inventory.

This is not the only update that the game will receive during these months, but we have already known many more details of the new content that is to come to Assassin’s creed origins. We leave you with a link in which we explain all these details.

And just in case you missed it back in the day, don’t miss out on our analysis of this Assassin’s creed origins, which we found quite interesting.

Are you ready to unmask the hidden in the new Asssassin’s Creed Origins expansion?