Recently, user Chrales, famous for leaking Pokémon GO, discovered new quest items and descriptions that indicate that Leafeon and Glaceon, two Eevee evolutions, will soon be coming to Pokémon GO.

According to the image, there will be three new types of Lure (attract module, in Portuguese) that attract different types of Pokémon, such as Ice, Plant and Electric types – or that “like the cold”, that have “magnetic fields” or that “Like mossy essence”.

new lure items texts and raid week quests

– Chrales (@Chrales) May 6, 2019

Apparently, these Lures will create an attraction area for these types of Pokémon, but if the player evolves Eevee within the Ice or Plant area, the creature will evolve into a Glaceon or Leafeon, two evolutions of the Diamond / Pearl / Platinum generation. So, if the leak came now, the new items and Raids shouldn’t be long in coming.

Pokémon GO is available for iOS and Android.

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