Gamescom is in a week and apparently the games are in a barrel that does not sour, but can be punctured on all sides. More about Rainbow Six Siege and Monster Hunter: World in this W8!

Good morning! It is August 14, the day on which your Wacht’s father’s birthday is (congratulations!) And when, in 1642, Abel Tasman left on his expedition to the mysterious South Land. He discovered Tasmania and New Zealand, not bad either! Enough history, we’re storming our way through the game news.

Leak at Rainbow Six Siege: New Defender

A leaked Rainbow Six Siege teaser features a new character. Clash is part of the London Metropolitan Police. August 19, the supplement will be released to the general public. Enjoy!

Stress at Capcom for Monster Hunter: World

You don’t want to be a Capcom today. The company has heard from various quarters that there are network problems with the new Monster Hunter: World. However, it does seem to be a bit heavier than that: the game would be difficult to play due to the hopelessness of the servers. Capcom is still investigating, so hopefully we’ll hear soon what’s going to happen to make this all better.

Gameplayreveal Twin Mirror expected on August 21

Bandai Namco and Dontnod’s murder mystery, Twin Mirror, won’t be released until 2019. Aaw… Fortunately, there is always Twitter, which shows that a gameplay reveal will be announced on August 21. Dontnod says it himself via @twinmirrorgame. So we expect more news from Gamescom!

Necrobarista has a nice trailer!

You are now a bit older than when you started reading this N8W8, and you can also see those clocks ticking in the trailer of Necrobarista. It is a special game, a visual novel set in contemporary Melbourne. But just a bit more special, namely in a coffee shop where the dead hang. Necrobarista will be released on PlayStation 4, PC and Switch in early 2019. Your Guard is intrigued.

Gris announced by Devolver Digital

The rest of the world was impressed today by a completely different game (and you wait too!), Namely Gris. This sidescrolling platformer with very unique artistic graphics has just been announced by Devolver and will be released on Switch and PC in December.

Nintendo has already sold more than 700 million game consoles

What’s sold better: Wii, SNES or yet another Nintendo console? Hopefully you chose the latter, because that was DS. comes with the list below that shows you the sales per console. Pooh!


  • Nintendo Switch: 19.67m units

  • Wii U: 13.56m units

  • Wii: 101.63m units

  • GameCube: 27.74m units

  • Nintendo 64: 32.93m units

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Famicom: 49.10m units

  • Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom: 61.91m units


  • Nintendo 3DS: 72.89m units

  • Nintendo DS: 154.02m units

  • GameBoy Advance: 81.51m units

  • GameBoy (includes GameBoy Color): 119.69m units

Devil May Cry 5: good news!

Devil May Cry 5 will be playable next week at Gamescom. It is the first time that the game is playable with a demo, so it is quite a thing. At least that’s what Hideaki Itsuno, the director of the game, thinks. He proudly shared an image on Twitter of the game coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in the spring.

First look at Mulan

Mulan, the tough woman who pretended to be a man to get her way, already starred in a great Disney movie. Now it’s time for this cartoon character to come to life even more in a live action film adaptation and it comes! We already knew that. Niki Caro directs it and Yifei Liu plays the lead role of Mulan. Below you can see the first picture of it. A set photo will follow not too long from now, because filming will take place very soon in China and New Zealand. This live action flick should be in cinemas at the end of March 2020.

Lion Castle comes with Super Street: The Game

There is a new gameplay trailer out of Super Street: The Game, where you can enjoy arcade racing again. September 4, it will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game is also playable on Gamescom.

Pearl Abyss benefits from Silicon Studio collaboration

Wow, did you see the new Black Desert video? It looks like the collaboration with Silicon Studio is going well, because the graphics and technology look spic and span.

Tandem Drifting in New Forza Horizon 4 Trailer

And you certainly think that tandem cycling on Texel is exciting? Well, then don’t play Forza Horizon 4, because it does something completely different together: drifting! You see it in another mega-slick trailer, just as it should be with this racing franchise.

So! Sleep begins to overtake your Guard. Watch out for mega-changeable weather, don’t forget to have breakfast and have a very nice day today!