Whoever bought Life is Strange 2 and intends to play its third chapter on PlayStation 4 may only come across the results of an old bug now. Apparently, a problem in the DontNod game caused all the progress made until the end of the second episode to be deleted, but only after you finished the story.

In other words, those who finished the second part (which came out in January) and left the game aside can realize that they lost all their progress only this week, when the third part was released. While a fix was released by the developer in late February, many players finished the second half of the game long before that happened.

When starting the third chapter of Life is Strange 2, affected PlayStation 4 players have a chance to continue the story with a save with pre-programmed choices or simply start everything from the first chapter to have more control over the story. In a game marked by the weight of your choices, making the player have to play all over again because of a bug is, at the very least, problematic.

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