Two connected screens for Apple?

It seems that Apple wants to compete directly with the Google Nest Hub and the Echo Show 15 from Amazon. The Cupertino company plans to market a connected screen designed for the kitchen, which would combine an iPad and a speaker. She is also looking into designing another smart display, but for the living room this time. This would combine the functionality of an Apple TV, a camera and a HomePod.

These statements are in line with comments made by Gurman in April 2022, when he notably announced that Apple was working on the creation of a new all-in-one HomePod, equipped with Apple TV and a camera. FaceTime. The analysis nevertheless tempers its remarks: Apple could release one of these two products at the end of next year or at the beginning of 2024, but it is not certain that they will all see the light of day.

Two new HomePods are also in the works

The apple brand also plans to market a new range of connected speakers. As a reminder, Apple ended production of its high-end HomePod in March 2021 to make way for the HomePod Mini, which is much more popular than its predecessor, thanks in particular to a more affordable price.

Thus, two new HomePods would be in preparation, a mini model and a classic model. Gurman assures that the second has more chance of seeing the light of day and could even come out as early as next year. Codenamed ‘B620’, it should be powered by the S8 chip, which could also be seen in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. If the design and audio performance should be similar to the HomePod, there should be have improvements in the display section with in particular an expected multi-touch functionality.

Apple would like to invest your living room and your kitchen with its own screens


According to the journalist, Apple would be working on a new HomePod, its connected speaker, which would replace the discontinued version of 2018. The firm would also be working on a second HomePod mini, but these are not yet the most novelties. exciting as reported by Mark Gurman. According to his information, Apple would also be at work on new products still unpublished for the company.

According to the journalist, the Cupertino company would notably develop a brand new product for kitchens. This would offer the functionality of an iPad and couple them to those of a speaker. It’s impossible not to instinctively think of products like Google’s Nest Hub or Amazon’s Echo Show 15 that have a similar proposition.


The last product that Apple would prepare in-house according to him would perhaps be the most interesting of the four. The company is said to be designing a smart TV (at least a screen) that would combine the capabilities of an Apple TV and a HomePod, all with an integrated camera on board.

This device would therefore take its place in your living room and allow Apple to play an even greater role there than before with a simple connected box.

According to Mark Gurman, Apple could launch one of these products as early as the end of next year or the beginning of 2024, while recalling in passing that these products in development at Apple are not all certain to see the light of day.

Apple wants to crush the Amazon Echo Show – here’s how

Not every gadget in development will make it to market, Gurman says, but it’s believed the new HomePod and HomePod mini will be joined by a dedicated kitchen smart display, as well as a living room hub designed to connect an Apple TV. , a camera and a HomePod.

The former is described as a speaker with an “iPad-like” screen – which appears to be a counterattack by Apple clearly targeting the Amazon Echo Show home automation assistant.

Gurman’s report therefore introduces two potential new Apple products, after many rumors have instead pointed to the introduction of a speaker-sized Apple TV. According to the author, the cited devices should be announced by the end of next year, or in early 2024.

It’s not yet clear what improvements could be made to the HomePod, but we can expect a conceptual overhaul and the addition of support for Dolby Atmos spatial audio (a feature its elder boasts).

Apple ditched the HomePod proper in March last year to focus on servicing the mini, which (it’s assumed) enjoyed much bigger sales in the year since its October 2020 launch. It was therefore surprising to hear that the original HomePod could be upgraded before the mini – although both devices now seem in line to welcome a successor.

Apple would be working on two totally new devices for home automation

In this list, we would quite logically find the new HomePod model that Mark Gurman had already spoken about last June, as well as a new HomePod mini. The first should look very similar to the original 2018 model. Apple had discontinued its HomePod in 2021, without announcing a direct replacement. The other two devices should be completely new products for the American giant.

One for the kitchen and one for the living room

Indeed, according to Mark Gurman, one is an accessory for the kitchen which consists of an iPad and a speaker while the other would come to combine the functionalities of an Apple TV, a camera and a HomePod into a device for the living room. The journalist explains that the Cupertino company could market one of these two products before the end of next year or the beginning of 2024, but warns that it is also entirely possible that “not everyone will see not daylight”.

What allow Apple to compete with Amazon and Google?

A kitchen appliance would allow the Apple brand to better compete with the giants Amazon and Google. In any case, these two are already well established in the smart display market with their Nest Hub and Echo Show 15. It would be interesting to see how Apple could get involved and what it could bring to the game. useful for a device that struggles to be essential in our homes.

Apple is preparing new HomePods and new connected home products

For the time being, the firm’s connected home efforts remain behind the competition.

Not that HomePods are bad products per se – in many ways they are quite the opposite. But the price charged by the firm, and the weakness of the HomeKit connected object ecosystem compared to what Amazon and Google offer, clearly did not help Apple in the category.

Apple will go back on the offensive on the HomePod and the connected home

Apple even withdrew from sale the first HomePod, the most hifi and advanced – proposed around 350 € when it was released. The HomePod mini by comparison is sold for a much more accessible price of 99 euros and is offered in a range of more attractive colors.

However, according to the journalist, Apple has “at least four new connected home devices in development, although not all of them will see the light of day”. One of the devices, codenamed B620, will feature the same S8 chip as the Apple Watch S8 and will be closer “in format and audio performance” to the original HomePod.

A new HomePod mini, for its part, would benefit from Bluetooth 5.2 among other new features. But according to the journalist, Apple is also preparing surprises. There would thus be a kitchen appliance that combines an iPad and a connected speaker. And a device for the living room that combines Apple TV, video sensor, and HomePod.

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