Logitech presents its MX line for Mac: MX Keys keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse

Logitech has just unveiled its new Mac-specific keyboard and mouse offering. Based on a previous version, the current version is adapted to the specificities of Apple Macs. For this reason, Logitech named them MX Keys for Mac for keyboard and MX Master 3 for Mac the mouse.

Over the past few years, Logitech has stood out for its excellent work in creating accessories for all Apple products. And with these peripherals, the brand do not disappoint.

MX Keys brings comfort in a soft but aggressive design

The MX Keys is a keyboard that you wouldn’t expect. Mainly for a weight of 810 grams makes it very robust and the nail wherever you place it. If you’re the one the keyboard dances to because of the use it gives it, the MX keys will stay still no matter how hard you hit it.

Its exterior appearance is very pleasant, with a touch aggressive. Its curved corner design, along with the groove of each key, fulfills this function. And at the same time, the color space gray gives you that point of provocation. If you have a space gray iMac Pro or MacBook and are looking for other peripherals, they match the color better.

The typing comfort achieved by the MX keys is due to the concavity of the keys and a wide but effortless stroke

But let’s get to the point. MX Keys is very comfortable to write. This rounded indentation in the center of each key helps the the touch comes from a larger area with your finger. I’m used to looking at the screen as I type and find it easier to position my fingers thanks to these grooves. It is also helpful if the letters F and J have a more visible mark than on other keyboards.

With the MX keys, we gain on a full keyboard, which includes arrows in the shape of an inverted T to the numeric ones. Without forgetting vertical displacement and cleared forward. The keys in the bottom row, including the space bar, are also longer thanks to the extra space in this type of keyboard.

Full Mac adaptation with backlit keyboard

MX keys are perfectly suited to Mac, macOS and its environment. The version presented last year had shared keys so that could be used in Windows and macOS. But with this release, we leave “universality” behind to embrace the specificity of the Mac.

This is mainly noticeable as the lower row of the keyboard shows the control, options, and command keys in all their glory. Without forgetting the top row, with the Screen brightness, Mission Control, Launchpad, keyboard brightness, media and volume controls.

And in the numeric block, we will see buttons for the calculator block, screenshot and equipment. And finally, we turn to the backlight. A function that is not available on the official keyboard from Apple and which Logitech offers as a big hallmark of other keyboards.

As this is a feature that consumes a lot of battery, Logitech has incorporated a proximity sensor that turns the keys on and off. From our experience, the operation is correct, turn off when we stand still or use the mouse a lot and turn on as soon as you put your hands together.

MX Master 3 for Mac, the perfect eave

The Logitech MX Master 3 is the same model that our colleagues at SamaGame reviewed a few months ago. When you use it, you realize that it is extremely fast but not only because of its scrolling on the screen. It has a series of surfaces spread across the bottom that make the mouse glide in a surprisingly smooth way.

The MX Master 3 is the latest iteration of this popular mouse, featuring a 4000 DPI sensor as a featured feature. Logitech has incorporated the color space gray to go with its keyboard, allowing the customization of its various functions. They highlight the vertical scroll wheel with inertia, which keeps spinning if you give it enough speed. It is designed for very long documents and websites. Then there’s the horizontal scroll wheel that I configured to switch between the different spaces.

This last wheel is the most interesting, because it can be customized according to the application. Logitech gives you the ability to specify functions in different places through a configuration application. So, for example, in Excel, this wheel scrolls you horizontally across the worksheet. Very useful when working with very complex sheets.

The two Logitech peripherals are made for each other, both in design and function

The two buttons located just below this wheel also change their function depending on the application we are in. So in a browser it will allow us to move forward or backward, while Excel, Word ou PowerPoint lets do and undo. With a little time, we can customize it thoroughly to meet our needs.

Logitech MX, a family that finally adapts to the Mac

Logitech has created its most suitable line of peripherals for the Mac to date. The MX Keys keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse both contribute to differ so much from the official proposal like those of other manufacturers. And they do it with a good design combined with some attractive features.

Without a doubt, the keyboard is the one that has put the most effort into embracing the Mac. Adaptation to Mac go further simply put the appropriate labels on the keys. It integrates the native functions of the system and provides intelligent backlighting. All on a sturdy and attractive keyboard that matches the mind leaning forward space gray Mac.

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These devices provide design, comfort and functionality at a reasonable price for what they are. The MX Keys keyboard is priced at 115 euros, the same as the MX Master 3. If you were looking for an alternative to Apple’s proposal, Logitech is very powerful.