On the first day of Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, the Guard reports, with the hottest Sunday game news. Today: Black Ops 4 overhauled, attention for the Jump Force character creator, a heavy metal chorus for Doom and a massive Dark Souls mod. Good afternoon!

New Dark Souls mod for a frustrating start to 2019

Chances are, one of your new intentions is to see the ‘You Died’ screen more often. The Guard knows that because deep down every Dark Souls player is a , and if you are too, Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash will do you tremendously well. The mod was created by a Souls fan named Scott Mooney, who uploaded it to Nexus Mods after allegedly putting in over 1,000 hours to create it.

It’s a completely new way to experience Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition through the new bosses, enemies, weapons, items and also other locations of bonfires and NPCs. At least enough changes in the world to get lost regularly and enough changes to the items to stop a speedrun (for now). The mod is now only available for the original PC version of Dark Souls, but Scott Mooney says he will also be porting it to Dark Souls: Remastered sometime in 2019.

Lovecraftian horror game Conarium is coming to PS4 and Xbox One next month

It doesn’t have the best reviews on Steam, and the Guard hasn’t played it yet either, but the Conarium trailer below shows at least a wonderful Lovecraftian atmosphere. The horror game was released for PC in 2017 and was supposed to be released for consoles in 2018, but that turned out to be 2019. Next month to be precise, and only for PS4 and Xbox One, including all kinds of graphics upgrades for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X If you prefer to pass up that graphic fuss (at 30 fps), you can always select the ‘performance mode’ (for a frame rate of 60).

If you really can’t wait after seeing the trailer and you have a PC, you can of course also check Conarium for two bucks on Steam.

Loot system Blackout mode Black Ops 4 is overhauled

The Guard has completely passed the game by, but Black Ops 4 seems to have become a fine COD. Still, there was still plenty to complain about for fans of the series, including its Blackout mode. Specifically, this complaint is about the loot system that is in this battle royale mode, and it looks like something is about to happen now. Game Designer David Vonderhaar says on Twitter that they are working on a new Stash UX, and that a choice still has to be made regarding the exact format. This revamped UX (which you can see in the Tweet below) resembles what the PC version of the game already has, with a better overview of the entire contents of a backpack / crate. It is still unclear when an update will be made for this, at least the team is still working on fixing some bugs:

Don’t tell anyone I tweeted about this. They get mad.

… new Stash UX is in dev builds, being playtested, actually tested by QA ,, and we are bug fixing. Current design debate: 2 rows of 5 or 3 rows of 5.3 rows means less tabbing in a death stash, but less uses more screen. pic.twitter.com/WZmspp1jO9

– Lord Vonderhaar (@DavidVonderhaar) January 5, 2019

Binding of Isaac card game available now

Anyone who has read my top 10 games of all time knows that the Guard is a big fan of The Binding of Isaac. He is still involved with it regularly, and now that the franchise is also making use of another medium, he must refrain from throwing hands full of money at his screen. The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is a card game that was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and can now be ordered on the website of Studio71, its developer. The game consists of 340 cards, 100 custom coins, two dice (D6 and D8) and of course a booklet with the rules. Whether the card game is as much fun to play as the dungeon crawler called The Binding of Isaac remains to be seen, but it looks like a great present for next Christmas. Will cost you $ 40 (excluding international shipping and such).

Jump Force’s custom characters and story take center stage in new trailer

In a month, you’ll be able to join the Jump Force and destroy countless bad guys from all kinds of anime franchies. Now you can take on the role of one of the legendary heroes in the game, but Bandai Namco and developer Spike Chunsoft have also added a fairly extensive character creator. This is central to one of the new trailers, which also has some space for the story:

Jump Force will be released on February 15 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Jump Force X fast food

Speaking of Jump Force’s character creator, Bandai Namco’s social media team seems to love fast food. The American fast food chain Wendy’s is known for cheerfully roasting on Twitter, and when asked who wanted to be the screw this time, Bandai Namco threw his digital hand into the air. The final result is the following – the girl showing off the Wendy’s logo, but in Jump Force:

Here’s an update for you! # NationalRoastDaypic.twitter.com / TC67HDbPf5

– Bandai Namco US (@BandaiNamcoUS) January 4, 2019

AGDQ2019 starts today

The perfect Sunday viewing food is of course a speedrun of your favorite game, and where better to watch speedruns than Awesome Games Done Quick? The 2019 edition kicks off today, around 5:30 PM, and that means another week full of gamers who are lord and masters of a game they probably spent way too much time to shine during this event. With hopefully a collection of new awkward moments at the end (you know, like this one).

Tonight, Hollow Knight, Donkey Kong Country (any%) and Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter (a favorite of the Guard) are on the menu. After that, the speedrun festival will of course continue happily, because you can watch speedrunners on the AGDQ2019 stream non-stop until January 13th. The full program can be found hererrr.

Mick Gordon picks up heavy metal scream chorus for upcoming game

The man responsible for one of the greatest soundtracks of a game ever, Mick Gordon (from Doom, of course), is planning to do something special for an upcoming game. He’s busy getting together a real chorus of heavy metal screamers and using recordings of it for a new game, where he doesn’t want to say which game that is. But then again, even if you have flickered in the deepest recesses of hell and landed on your head, you also understand that it is probably Doom: Eternal. The link where you can register even ends with ‘666’. If you can shout well yourself and happen to be in Texas at the beginning of March and have a week off, you can sign up for the heavy metal choir until February 1: