The Macs had not started the year 2020 very well in terms of their sales, drops of between 6 and 20% were estimated. But it seems that this bad data was left behind during the second quarter of the year since according to the Gartner report in which the global computer market is analyzed, Mac sales increased by 5.1% during Q2 2020.

The global market for personal computers has also grown slightly, by around 2.8%, and practically the 6 brands that lead sales have increased their shipments during a difficult trimester of home confinement in many countries. Apple maintains its fourth position as a computer seller with slight growth in market share.

Only the big ones sell more

It seems pretty clear that confinement and teleworking have driven PC sales this quarter, but it is curious that only major brands have taken advantage of this situation. The brands that sell the most computers are, in order, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, Acer and Asus. All have seen their sales increase during lockdown except for Dell.

As can be seen, the rest of the manufacturers, classified in the table as «Others», have seen how their sales decrease over 22%, which indicates that during this period users have relied more on renowned brands in the market.

The growth of notebook PCs was particularly strong, driven by several factors, including business continuity with remote working, online education, and consumer entertainment needs. However, this increase in demand for notebook PCs will not continue beyond 2020 as shipments were mainly driven by short-term business needs due to the impact of the pandemic.

Apple managed to put approximately 4.1 million Macs on the market in the second quarter of 2019, now the company has reached the 4.3 million Mac units in the same period of this 2020. Apple maintains its position as the world’s fourth-largest computer maker after Dell, HP and Lenovo. The market share of Mac sales this quarter has gone from 6.6% in 2019 to 6.7% this year, so it has remained fairly stable.

The computer market had a quite negative trend and in this 2020 large sales were not expectedHowever, the current situation has changed things in this market that has demanded new devices for new needs. Despite this one-off increase, it seems that once this situation is over, sales will decline again.

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Apple maintains its fourth position in the computer market with sales that once again exceed 4 million units, despite not having had launches in all this time. Apple has made a major change in its strategy with Macs thanks to Apple Silicon, its own processors that will replace those of Intel. We will see if this decision affects sales of Mac in the medium term, as well as the expected new iMac.

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