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MacBook 2022: what do you expect from the new Apple laptop?

MacBook 2022: what do you expect from the new Apple laptop?

Apple‘s best-selling Mac is about to get a major update, and we may only have a few more days to wait to discover this new model.

A more colorful, but also more powerful MacBook Air?

It’s been a few months now that several hallway noises have given us a glimpse of this new MacBook Air.

First of all, on the design side, this new Apple laptop could undergo a makeover with a completely revised design. The laptop would retain its finesse, but would be adorned with new, more shimmering colors, like the iMac M1 released in 2021. The screen would also lose its large borders, but would retain an LCD panel.

If we follow the trend initiated by the 14-inch MacBook Pro, the 2022 MacBook Air could also mark the return of the MagSafe port, so loved by historic Mac users. This will again prevent the computer from hovering if someone trips on the charging cable.

Finally, this MacBook Air could be the first to use an M2 processor. Its presentation at WWDC would therefore make sense, because Apple is primarily aimed at developers during this event and should not fail to praise the performance of its new chip.

Don’t buy MacBook Air before WWDC!

The MacBook Air with Apple M1 chip is already 18 months old. Apple had accustomed us to more frequent renewals when its Macs were equipped with Intel processors, but the context is very particular with a shortage of components combined with Chinese confinements which are undermining the production of Apple’s subcontractors. Today on the Apple Store, there are almost two months of waiting for the purchase of a MacBook Air and even the stocks of the brand’s physical stores are at their lowest.

If some see it as a sign of an upcoming renewal, it is in fact only a coincidence: it has been more than a month since the deadlines suddenly exploded following the closure of factories in the Shanghai region where are assembled laptops from Apple. On the other hand, we can see an advantage: it can give Apple a little flexibility for the presentation of its MacBook Air with Apple M2 chip.

Next week will be WWDC 2022, an event during which Apple presents its main new software products of the year. There are hardware announcements from time to time and there have been rumors about the MacBook Air M2. If certain hallway noises evoke a slightly later launch, Apple could very well present the new Mac with several weeks of waiting: even if it means displaying crazy delays, you might as well do it on a more modern configuration.

Anyway, we strongly advise you to wait for WWDC before cracking: the keynote will take place on Monday June 6 and even if nothing is certain, it is better to wait a few more days to make sure you don’t. not regret it. The new features expected on this 2022 MacBook Air are also quite important with a redesign, a better webcam, the addition of the MagSafe connector, an even more efficient chip…

MacBook Air 2022 approaching WWDC, M1 version sees longer delivery times

New clues predict the arrival of the MacBook Air 2022

WWDC is fast approaching. With a launch event on Monday, June 6, rumors surrounding future updates to Apple’s operating systems as well as possible new product announcements are rife. In this regard, the MacBook Air planned for 2022, taking advantage of a new design and the M2 chip, seems to be expected for the occasion.

New clues now tend to predict the arrival of this computer next Monday. Indeed, Mark Gurman has just pointed out via a tweet that “among Macs with M1 chip, the MacBook Air is the only range that has a delivery time (apart from an iMac configuration)”.

Apple’s communication also tends to predict the launch of a MacBook Air at WWDC 2022. Indeed, a new image published as a banner on the American firm’s YouTube channel suggests a MacBook with Memojis illuminated by seven colors different.

This directly reminds us of the colors of the iMac M1 (green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and silver), supposed to be the same for this new MacBook Air. Color was also on the program previously via the communication image used for WWDC programming.

WWDC 2022: Apple could launch a new colorful MacBook Air with the M2 chip

In October 2021, Apple introduced the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models with upgraded versions of the ARM-based M1 chip. Meanwhile, the MacBook Air, which received the M1 chip a year earlier, was also speculated to get a new design with new iMac-like pastel colors.

Leaks around the 2022 MacBook Air have been dragging the internet for a year, and the latest leak suggests it could launch as early as the second week of June 2022 at WWDC, with the second-generation Apple Silicon chip.

Apple could finally unveil the new design of its long-awaited colorful MacBook Air at WWDC 2022. He adds that the MacBook Air will be equipped with Apple’s new M2 chip, based on the ARM architecture, which will be an upgrade of the current M1 range. MacBook Air upgrade with M2 chip seems to be looming since early 2021, but has been strongly delayed due to supply chain constraints due to COVID-19 and global shortage from smart.

Gurman’s leak backs up Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s earlier prediction for the new MacBook Air, which said it would arrive in mid-2022. Notably, the M2 chipset is said to be in production since April 2021. In addition to relying on Taiwanese company TSMC to produce the M2 chips, it has been reported that Apple is sourcing from Samsung for the flip-chip ball grid array (FC-BGA).

Finally the M2 chip!

The specifications of the Apple M2 chip have also been announced for some time. Although the numeric increment may suggest it, the M2 chip is not supposed to succeed the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips that equip the MacBook Pro line of 2021. Instead, the M2 silicon is supposed to bring improvements over the older M1 chip, including newer and more efficient cores.

As in previous reports, it would appear that the Apple M2 chip is still based on a 5nm manufacturing process. Like its predecessor, the updated chipset is said to have 8 CPU cores, but the number of GPU cores has been increased to 10.

According to a previous report by Gurman, it is suggested that Apple tested the performance of third-party apps on 9 different Mac models using four variants of the M2 chipset. These new machines are reported to include the speculated MacBook Air with an 8-core CPU configuration, a Mac Mini with the same specs as the MacBook Air, a Mac Mini with an M2 Pro chip, and an entry-level MacBook Pro. range” (likely the next 13-inch model) with the same configuration as the MacBook Air.

Additionally, Apple is reportedly testing new 14-inch and 16-inch models with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, as well as a new second-generation Mac Pro and Mac Studio with an M2 Ultra chip. Finally, Apple could also launch an iPad Pro equipped with the SoC M2.

A new chip but a new screen

Besides upgrading internal components, Apple is also reportedly working on a better display for the new MacBook Air. First, the MacBook Air’s old LED-backlit LCD screen will be replaced with screens backlit by Mini LEDsas does the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021) and the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

Apart from the screen upgrade, it remains to be seen whether the next MacBook Air will also feature Apple’s ProMotion technology that enables a 120Hz refresh rate, like the iPad Pro. It’s likely we’ll see more as soon as June 6, 2022.

MacBook Air M2: what to expect?

As we approach the date of the start of Apple’s WWDC conference, rumors are rife about the novelties that the firm could present during this one. Since WWDC is a software-focused conference, Apple is expected to showcase new versions of its operating systems.

If Apple introduces a new product at WWDC, it will be a Mac. Indeed, the apple brand would have considered lifting the veil on the new MacBook Air M2 during its annual conference, before things got complicated because of the confinements in China.