MadMACs, randomly change your MAC and your hostname

MadMACs is a simple utility that will allow us to randomly change the MAC and the hostname of our computer. The MAC is the physical address of the network card, theoretically unique for each card (although I had two cards with the same MAC and it was difficult for me to know because they did not work well when they were connected in the same network).

What is the purpose of changing this data? Basically, to increase our privacy before a DHCP server. DHCP servers are those that assign an IP address to each computer on the network and it may be of interest to us that it does not save the data that our computer is going to offer it.

For example, if we go every afternoon to a cafeteria where they offer Internet access and we always use the same laptop, looking at a record from the DHCP server it is possible to know what time and how long we have been there. If we randomly change our MAC and the host name, it will not be possible to make any correlation with the server data.

And yes, although it may not seem like it, there are people who have those levels of paranoia and even worse.