Maguss is a mobile game, with a wand included, that will immerse you in a magical world

Today we have been diving for indiegogo, the crowfunding website and we have found some very interesting title. We want to tell you about Maguss, an augmented reality mobile game that transforms players into magicians who roam a world of spells, potions, duels and fantastic creatures. Yes, it may also sound something like Harry Potter Go, but both games have nothing to do.

In fact, they have had some legal problem with the Harry Potter brand, asking them to stay away from the world of JK Rowling.

Maguss It has been in development for two years, and currently houses an original world of magic. Like pokemon go, features digital creatures scattered across real-world maps, plus quests, crafting, the ability to take on other players, factions to unite, spells to learn, potions to make, and ingredients to hunt.

On the other hand, they have built a peripheral that is a Magic wand It connects to the app via Bluetooth, allowing players to move around and cast spells like they’ve always dreamed of.

The movements of the wand will decide your future

The actual map will host different portals magicians, wizards, witches, monsters and beasts, as well as different types of witchcraft and sorcery. You can fight and interact with them using a long distance mode through ‘astral travel’ or you can face your opponents in real life.

Their combat system is currently ready, they are launching a crowdfunding campaign to help develop the mobile application.

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