Make your Mac apps look like macOS Big Sur with these icon packs

At the end of June, Apple officially introduced macOS 11 Big Sur, a new version of its operating system for laptops and desktops. Although it is already possible to test the public beta, there is less and less for the final version to arrive.

One of the most striking aspects of this new version is its design, introducing several changes in the interface that seek to make macOS a more elegant and modern operating system (and more similar to the experience found in iPadOS and iOS).

For this reason, we are going to recommend a series of icon packs that will help us make our applications fit perfectly with the aesthetic proposal proposed by this new version of macOS.

How to change icons in macOS

First of all, let’s make it clear how you can change the icons in macOS once we have them downloaded. The process is very simple and it will be as easy as select the application and press ‘Command (⌘) + i’.

A window like the one that appears above these lines will open, and there will only be drag icon file (or do CTRL + C and then CTRL + V) to modify it for the one we want.

Icon packs for macOS Big Sur

Elias Ruiz is the designer behind a website where we can download 191 icons from popular applications such as 1Password, Adobe Photoshop, Bear or Day One.

In addition to having so many icons, another positive point is that We can download all the icons (individually or the entire pack) without having to pay a penny.

Bas van der Ploeg is another designer which offers us a pack of icons (this time a smaller amount) that we can download for free. In total we will find 18 free icons, from well-known apps such as Skype, VLC or Tweetbot.

Download the icons for free at:


– Bas van der Ploeg (@basvanderploeg) July 5, 2020

Lastly, Raven Yu is a designer who released ‘Discipline’ a few days ago: a premium icon pack which currently has more than 100 applications. Again, they are icons of very popular apps for macOS, and the truth is that it has taken care to present a very careful and coherent pack.

Of course, this time you will have to go to the checkout, and you will have to pay $ 5.99 to download the 110 icons that this pack initially has. Raven says on the web that “we deserve better icons” than the ones that come by default.