The YouTube channel Man at Arms Reforged is well known for being able to bring to the real world equipment only seen in games, animations and fantasy. Now, the blacksmiths of the YouTube channel have decided to create a sword known to many Castlevania fans: the Heirloom Sword, used by Alucard in the series.

In a new episode of the series on YouTube, blacksmiths used some of what was done in the Castlevania series games, in which Alucard is present, but also drank a lot from the source of the franchise-based animation, available on Netflix. In just over 14 minutes, each step is shown to recreate Dracula’s son’s sword, resulting in impeccable work. Take a look.

The best part is that the sword is not just a decorative item, as it is fully functional and sharp enough to wreak havoc on fruits and, probably, demons that emerge from the depths of Dracula’s castle.

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