Mario Kart 8 tips: Starting Boost, Drift Boost, Stunt Boost, Spin Boost, Slipstream, Gold Coins

The Mario Kart series often seems to revolve around luck, but that is different in Mario Kart 8. Driving skills are paramount! If you want to get first place on the 150CC cups, you have to master every aspect of your kart.

Do you know what a drift boost is? Or a slipstream? Do you know what the gold coins are for, how to get out of the starting blocks quickly and what each object does? You can read it in this guide, and don’t forget to read the Mario Kart 8 review again. Ready?

Deploy the Starting Boost

Winning actually starts at the start of the race. Just like in the other titles in the series, Mario Kart 8 has a ‘Starting Boost‘-system. With the right timing, you ensure that you are off the starting blocks faster and can therefore immediately book a head start. Before the race starts, Lakitu counts down from three to one. Immediately after the number two passes, hold down the A button (accelerate). Do it too early and you stay still, do it too late to start normally. Do it just right and let your opponents eat dust.

Master the Drift Boost

Mastering the Drift Boost is one of the main keys to success in the Mario Kart series. Once you race into a corner, press the R button to make a jump and then hold the button. In order not to lose control, you can still move the analog stick left and right to steer into the corner.

In Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7, there was such a thing as ‘snaking’ to determine the length of your Drift Boost; that is no longer the case. To get to top speed you have to make the sharpest possible turn (a drift, so) or keep the drift as long as possible. You will soon notice that blue sparks are coming from your tires. This indicates that you have reached the first level of the Drift Boost. Orange sparks indicate that you are at top speed. Release the R button to boost forward with a flaming exhaust. Knowing when to drift varies from track and even curve. But once you get the hang of it, you are almost unstoppable.

Other ways to get ahead: Stunt Boost, Slipstream, Spin Boost and Coins

You now know two ways to boost, but Mario Kart 8 knows more. Thus the Stunt Boost back from Mario Kart Wii. Every time you jump over a big slope (ramp) or even a small bump in the road, briefly press the R Button (or shake the GamePad / Wii Remote). Be careful not to jump too early, because then you will lose a lot of speed. But if you do it at exactly the right time, you will get a small speed boost in the air. You can see that it succeeded when your character does a stunt animation and sparkles for a moment.

It is another method to go faster slipstreaming. By driving directly behind another racer you go faster yourself. The theory behind this is that there is less resistance from the wind, after all, the person driving in front of you catches the wind. You find yourself using this technique when a wind effect comes around you. This is a good way to overtake someone, but it is a bit difficult not to fly out of the corner due to the hard boost it gives you. Caution is advised.

In the anti-gravity sections of Mario Kart 8, you get access to a whole new method of accelerating: Spin Boost. If you bump into another racer here, you will both get a boost in speed. This is especially interesting when you find yourself among a lot of different racers. Ram them to speed up, preferably from the side. Better not from the back, because you only help the enemy with that!

Finally, the gold coins in Mario Kart 8 still affects your speed. You can find these all over the track and they give you a very small boost. But above all, they ensure that your top speed increases. If you have ten coins (you can’t have more than that), then you go the fastest. Be careful not to lose coins as soon as you are hit by enemy objects. In any case, every coin you pick up will be added to a whole of which you can unlock new kart parts.

In the slow 50cc cups you will probably get a long way without using all of this. But in the 150cc class and online, the knowledge comes in handy. Use all the methods you have learned together to get to the number one position, keep it and win the race.

On the next page you will find an overview of all weapons in Mario Kart 8 and how to use them best!