Mario Party Superstars: Unlock Game Boards – Are There More Levels to Choose From?

You know that: the ones that are basically available Game boards in Mario Party superstars are all well and good, but at some point you want to have more levels to play on. Especially since the game, as a kind of best of, has left out many boards from the earlier games.

So can you unlock additional boards for Mario Party Superstars?

All about game boards in Mario Party Superstars:

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What boards are there in Mario Party Superstars?

There are a total of five game boards in Mario Party Superstars on the Nintendo Switch that have been carried over and modernized from previous games. These are the following:

  • Yoshi’s tropical island
  • Space land
  • Peach’s birthday cake
  • Woody’s forest
  • Horror land

All the game boards available in Mario Party Superstars from the start.

Can I unlock more boards in Mario Party Superstars?

Similar to the characters in Mario Party Superstars, there are unfortunately no additional game boards that can be unlocked. There are also no other levels in the game’s shop that you could buy there.

First of all, there are five boards that are available from the start.

Further game boards are currently not unlockable in Mario Party Superstars.

Will there be new boards for Mario Party Superstars?

Again, we don’t know exactly what plans Nintendo has with regard to Mario Party Superstars after the release. So far there is no official statement as to whether additional content will come or not.

And even if they come, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are new boards among them. If the predecessor Super Mario Party is an indication, then the chances are rather bad, because it didn’t get any new content. But we’ll see. If anything changes, we’ll let you know.

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