The Google translator returned the words of Luke Skywalker’s designer quite amusingly.

In recent hours, several major foreign sites have been dealing with the cover image of the Hungarian Mozimánia magazine, as Mark Hamill, one of the main characters in Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, is making fun of the Hungarian paper in a rather different way than what he has seen so far.

So far, the bearded Jedi Master has appeared in the most light cloak, but on the Hungarian cover we can see Luke in black up to his feet. Of course, do not forget that A the (then still) young Skywalker was in a pure black dress all the way back, so it is not worth drawing far-reaching conclusions from the picture. What’s more exciting, though, is that Mark Hamill also got the news of the cover image, and he immediately posted it on Twitter with a more than likely commentary put together using Google Translate:

Finally! I’m a cover boy in Hungary! #TheLastJedi #CantWaitForVIII #HungarianHamster

– Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) Aug 30, 2017

Mark Hamill, thank you, for us you will always be the eternal cover boy! By the way, we are waiting for the solutions for the HungarianHamster hashtag. Paca says the Djungarian hamster will be the right tip.

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