Marvel’s Avengers: Every New Hero Has Their Own $ 10 Battle Pass

  • New heroes and heroines are free
  • There should be a Battle Pass for all of them
  • You can use it to unlock additional cosmetic objects

Each new hero or heroine released for the game after the release of Marvel’s Avengers will receive their own Batte Pass, which costs $ 10.

The developers call them “Hero Challenge Cards” and they give you raw materials, credits, cosmetic items and more when you complete in-game challenges.

These rewards have already been unlocked for the starter characters and the new characters themselves, related missions and similar activities are free, the Battle Pass only gives you other cosmetic items.

According to the developers, each Hero Challenge Card costs 1,000 credits. 500 credits are again available for $ 5. And if you unlock all rewards from a Battle Pass, you should get 1,000 credits back, among other things, and the value of all content contained in a Battle Pass is also estimated at 12,500 credits.

And unlike other games whose Battle Pass runs for one season, here you have unlimited time to unlock the rewards. Unlock shortcuts will still be available.

“Keep in mind that these rewards are entertaining in-game cosmetic enhancements and effects, but not an in-game advantage,” it says.

Tomorrow, September 1st, the third War Table livestream for Marvel’s Avengers will take place, while the game will receive an 18 GB Day One patch.

Meanwhile, a YouTuber shows you with a deepfake video what the real Avengers actors would look like in the game.

You can pre-order Marvel’s Avengers as a Standard Edition (69.99 euros), Exclusive Digital Edition (79.99 euros) and as a Deluxe Edition (89.99 euros) in the PlayStation Store.

If you’re interested in the boxed versions of the game, which will be released on September 4th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, you can find the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and Earth’s Mightiest Edition on Amazon.