Since this morning Mass Effect Andromeda can be downloaded for free on PlayStation Network. The game has thus appeared in both the American and European stores. It can be purchased freely without the need for payment.

It is not known if it is a mistake or a strategy to be able to relaunch it. If you are interested in downloading it, do it as soon as possible since it may disappear in a matter of minutes. You can download it through this link.

This type of gift is not very common, hence almost the entire community thinks that it is some kind of error.

Change in the saga

Mass Effect Andromeda was a twist on what the series had done so far. The first trip without Commander Shepard as the protagonist and with the Ryder family at the helm. An epic and colossal adventure with new worlds to discover, different characters and a totally renewed action that goes much further than what we have already seen.

The game maintains its RPG roots but emphasizes more the action part to make it much more intense and appropriate to new events. In this installment the multiplayer mode that Mass Effect 3 already incorporated but with a better story and much better finish returned.

What are you waiting for to download it?