Maximum level in Final Fantasy 14 can be reached with Jump Potions

Square Enix is ​​experimenting in China and South Korea with items you enter Final Fantasy 14 reach the highest level immediately. The ‘Jump Potions’ make it easier for novice players to quickly get started with the latest content, such as the upcoming Stormblood expansion.

Two types of potions are being tested. The Story Skip Potion allows you to skip all story missions and dungeons from both A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. The corresponding cutscenes can continue to be viewed, so that you are aware of all events.

You will also immediately receive a chocobo, all fast travel options are immediately available and you will be registered with a Grand Company.

The Job Jump Potion also automatically brings your character to level 50, or 60 once Stormblood is out. You also get 300,000 gil and other special items in your inventory to buy equipment that matches that level. The potions currently cost around $ 43 each.

Anyone who starts Final Fantasy 14 without potions to play the Stormblood expansion, can safely take an extra month or two for that. The game has so many quests now. You have to do them in sequence and normally cannot skip them.

Final Fantasy 14 producer Naoki Yoshida is therefore concerned that the Stormbood expansion will only appeal to the die-hard players who have come this far. The entry threshold should be lower, according to Yoshida, and the Jump Potions can help with that.

By the way, Blizzard offers a similar solution for World of Warcraft players. For 50 euros you can buy a Character Boost item in that MMO, with which your character also reaches the highest level. You will also receive this item for free once you purchase the game.

It is not yet known when the potions will also come to Japan, America and Europe. Yoshida emphasizes that feedback from the community will be carefully listened to in the coming period, and that adjustments may still be made.