Maybe not all applications need to have stories like Instagram

Do you remember Snapchat? What times. Well, Snapchat was a pioneer in this story. What’s more, it was the grace of Snapchat, that you upload a photo or a video and 24 hours a day bye fish, what we say in my land. Such a hit was that of Snapchat that Facebook did not hesitate to … be inspired by it for the Instagram stories, which later reached Facebook, which were later extended to WhatsApp and which this month reached Twitter.

And maybe, I say, not all apps need to have stories. In other words, I live in fear of going to get a yogurt from the refrigerator and that on the temperature screen I have stories from my friends. Or worse, a story of my friends sharing the photo they just uploaded to their profile so that their followers can “like” it, which instagramer, or in this case, “refrigerator”. That it is true that there are applications that lend themselves to this format, such as Instagram or Facebook, but at this rate even LinkedIn is going to have a history … wait a second … well, late.

The fever of the stories

That Instagram added the stories made sense. In the end, it is still a photography social network, or at least it was in simpler times in which the most chic thing was to upload photos with a lomo effect. The image was the queen of Instagram, but the algorithms arrived, the photos stopped being shown in chronological order and it almost stopped making sense to count our movements in the feed photos, which also stay there forever. Solution? Stories.

Well thought out, Instagram. If the feed no longer has a chronological character, we will create a system that allows the user share your things quickly, easily and for a short time. It is not necessary for the user to take the most beautiful photo in the world as it is assumed that he does for the feed, but rather he takes out his mobile, takes a selfie or records a video telling something and uploads it. Alright, that makes sense.

It’s more, makes sense even on Facebook, because parents, uncles and other relatives also have the right to know what the kids are doing. What’s more, so that the kids don’t even have to enter Facebook, Instagram stories have a system that automatically re-shares the publication in Facebook Stories if we want to. Fabulous, after all, Facebook is something more personal (or that’s the idea) and it’s cool to share your life with your friends and family.

The WhatsApp thing, however, has already begun to border on the absurd. WhatsApp is not a social network (although there are macrogroups of people with similar interests who do not have to know each other), but it is a messaging app where we’re supposed to talk to our phone book contacts. The problem is that among our contacts on the agenda are “Juan plumber”, “María sixth neighbor”, that partner of the paddle with whom you have not spoken since you left the paddle six years ago, “Lucia compi class” and other people whose moves maybe, and I mean only the best, you don’t care so much, to say nothing.

This is my opinion, of course, I will not be the one who denies anyone the pleasure of seeing the photos in Estepona of “Manolo hairdresser”, of course. The thing is, they work. The WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram stories are a resounding success. Surely you have ever heard someone say that nobody uses WhatsApp statuses. If by “nobody” we mean more than 500 million users a month on WhatsApp, more than 500 million users a day on Instagram and more than 300 million users a day on Facebook, yes, no one. Definitely no one.

The thing is, stories help keep user in appAs time passes, which translates, at least in the case of Instagram, to seeing more ads, ergo generates more income, nothing new. WhatsApp, for example, has no ads, but we’ve heard rumors since launch that they are close and that they will arrive at some point. It will be time to wait. In any case, we are already clear that the stories work and that they like them.

The problem comes when we want to shoehorn the stories. On LinkedIn, for example. Why does LinkedIn need stories? I do not know, that maybe I am the rare one, but in a social network with 260 million monthly active users, focused on the professional world, where it is assumed that there will be a more serious format, the same does not make much sense to share a photo of a combo plate. Maybe a photo giving a talk, but LinkedIn and Instagram do not have the same language or the same type of users. I insist, the same I am the rare one.

More of the same thing happens to me on Twitter, and look at me on Twitter more than on any other social network, but I find it strange. I understand Twitter’s proposal, which is to encourage people who do not participate in the network to do so in this way, but Twitter is a network that stands out precisely for the chronological order, due to immediacy, preservation of content and written text. It is not a network that asks for stories, it is not Instagram and it is not Facebook, it is something else, it is another format, it is another language, and it is not bad that it does not have stories. It’s okay, a 21st century app may not have stories, really.

Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, whatsapp, even excel have stories and we don’t ?

– ????? tsu (@ Equis1_1) November 19, 2020

And this seems to me to be just the beginning. People laughed on Twitter when the Fleets arrived joking that they would also arrive at Excel, but here everything is jijis and haha ​​until they arrive. At this rate I would not be surprised if tomorrow I could see photos of my friends on the calculator, or on the Play, or already put in the microwave, or on Spotify to see what Bad Bunny has to say. Well, now I have to leave you. It turns out that Slack is also going to be added to the stories and I have two from my boss.

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