Meet Back in 1995, a kind of Silent Hill – but from PlayStation 1

Retro games are almost all titles that use pixelart as aesthetics to remember the feeling of old works. If you like the theme, Back in 1995, the new game from Ratalaika, it might catch your eye, as it is a survival horror à la Silent Hill (or Resident Evil from the old ones) from PlayStation in many ways, including the farm’s 3D graphics generation.

Back in 1995 is now available for New 3DS and PC at the moment, but will gain a port for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As in Silent Hill, the protagonist must unravel the mysteries of a city taken by monsters and find his daughter missing. Check out the trailer:

The highlights of the game are the visuals, which simulate the CRT effect of tube TVs, 3D graphics and textures of the fifth generation of consoles, which is a charm. However, the experience is short, as are other games that Ratalaika publishes: about two to three hours.

Unfortunately, Back in 1995 still has no date to reach the Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.