Meta is launching a communication campaign called ” Impact will be real to reveal the applications of the metaverse in the real world.

In a note on his blog, Meta explains that his metaverse, which is still in its infancy, could within 10 years have concrete impacts on the real world. Not forbidding any track, the company is already imagining applications in fields as vast and varied as medicine, education, or even the political field.

Horizon Worlds, an infinity of possibilities according to its creators

Meta launched, this Monday, September 5, a campaign called “Impact will be real”, the objective of which is to inform the public of the concrete applications of Horizon Worlds in the world.

Without going into too much detail, the authors of this blog post thus explain that the metaverse could, for example, be used by teachers of history, mathematics, or even architecture by providing them with an effective visual support. They also see possibilities in the field of medicine, by making it possible to train without risk or to carry out a surgical operation remotely. Basically, it is for all civil society that the company imagines applications, and social and economic consequences.

Based on mobile phone growth figures, the authors of the Meta blog post estimate that the virtual world could contribute $440 billion to Europe’s GDP within ten years.

Forecasts subject to conditions

The confidence of the Meta teams in this project of gargantuan dimensions is probably drawn from that of Mark Zuckerberg. Because with an investment of 10 billion dollars per year, thousands of people hired just for this project and personal communication almost exclusively devoted to Horizon, the boss of Meta is trying to put the odds on his side. Until dragging his company into the first quarter of declining revenues since its inception.

For now, and this surely encourages Meta’s campaign, the least we can say is that it doesn’t really take. Three months after its launch in the United States, only 0.1% of Americans were registered despite the intense communication around the metaverse. As for his arrival in France, only the terrible image shared by Zuckerberg himself to make the announcement really caused a reaction.

Oculus mobile app changes name to Meta Quest

The update changing the name of the Oculus mobile application to Meta Quest has therefore just been deployed on iPhones. The name of the famous app is one of the last elements of the old Oculus brand to not yet carry the new Meta name. As a reminder, the renaming of the company’s products began almost immediately after the Connect 2021 conference. This took place last October.

It took nearly a year to complete. Throughout this period, we have seen a lot of changes. The name of the VR Quest 2 headset has, among other things, changed from Oculus Quest 2 to Meta Quest 2. We can also see a new logo on the front and when starting the VR device. We also now need a Meta account to connect to it.

The change of the name of the Oculus mobile app to Meta Quest precedes some interesting novelties

The Oculus mobile app’s name change to Meta Quest comes just right before the launch of a new high-end VR headset. As a reminder, Mark Zuckerberg announced a few days ago that Meta intended to launch its next VR hardware next October. For the moment, we still have no information on the name of the new product. However, it is most likely the Meta Quest Pro.

The 2022 edition of Meta’s Connect conference is also expected in the coming weeks. It will undoubtedly detail the hardware and software next steps of the company, although John Carmack has already confirmed that it will take place in VR this year. Anyway, the Oculus mobile app on the Google Play Store is not yet called Meta Quest until now. It remains to be seen when it will change its name for Android devices.

The Meta Connect virtual event will be livestreamed on October 11

The Meta Connect event will take place on October 11. The Meta Quest Pro headset should be part of the party, as should the Metaverse, of course.

Meta Connect, the American giant’s annual event dedicated to augmented and virtual reality, will take place in about a month. Renamed following Facebook’s name change, the event will take place on October 11, and it was Mark Zuckerberg who announced it in person in a post published on Facebook.

The Meta Connect event will take place on October 11

As with last year’s edition, the event will be completely virtual and will be streamed live on the Reality Labs Facebook page. For now, only a few official details are known, but the bulk of this appointment is still a mystery. The Meta Connect site announces that more information concerning the speakers and the precise programming of the day will be revealed “soon”.

The Meta Quest Pro headset should be part of the party

We already know, in any case, what to expect. Meta should finally formalize its Cambria project, its new virtual reality headset which could have the trade name Meta Quest Pro. In his post published on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg seems to be teasing this big announcement, with a photo of him wearing an almost completely concealed helmet. The big boss of Meta also promised, quite recently, “major updates” for Horizon’s avatars after strong criticism as to the “far too low-resolution” rendering of the whole thing.

just like the metaverse, obviously

It’s also the company’s first big VR event since Facebook’s renaming to Meta was announced by Mark Zuckerberg during Connect last fall. At that time, the CEO was trying to clarify his vision of the metaverse and the role of the social network in it. But this vision has not always been very clear. And the idea of ​​a “metaverse” still remains confusing. And sometimes even derision, as the reaction to Mark Zuckerberg’s avatar showed. Meta Connect will also be an opportunity for the giant to arouse interest around its latest product as well as a possible metaverse which is still struggling to convince.

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