A few months after their release in Europe, the Ray-Ban Stories can now make calls or send messages via WhatsApp. A new feature that is currently only available to users with voice commands in English. It will be necessary to wait for an integration of French to be able to use it or modify its settings.

The update includes the ability to make calls using voice commands “Hey Facebook, send a message” (to send a message) or “Hey Facebook, call” (to make a call). The audio transcription of messages is also appearing and works in the same way as Siri in a vehicle. The Stories voice assistant will simply read incoming messages with the contact’s name, so you know whether to respond immediately or not.

At this time, Meta indicates that it is not possible to respond directly to these incoming messages through the glasses. If you want to answer, you will have to enter your smartphone. But in a future update, the American company will integrate this possibility with a voice command like “Hey Facebook, reply“. A feature that should be present on Messenger in addition to WhatsApp.

As with any connected object, you have to go to the dedicated application to download and install the update.

Meta Ray-Ban Stories get new features on WhatsApp

Meta has announced that its Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses will get new hands-free features.

With the latest update, users can listen to WhatsApp messages as well as make calls through WhatsApp.

It works, as you might expect, similarly to other voice assistants.

You’ll say something like “Hey Facebook, message X” or “Hey Facebook, call X” to trigger the new features.

When you receive a new WhatsApp message, the glasses will say “New WhatsApp message from X: is this a good time to talk?”.

In an upcoming update, Meta will add the ability to reply to WhatsApp messages by saying “Hey Facebook, reply…” once the incoming message has been read to you.

Of course, with all WhatsApp communication you are protected by end-to-end encryption, and this is also the case when using the hands-free functions.

Meta claims that voice commands relating to WhatsApp calls and messages and their associated transcriptions are never stored on its servers.

The feature will also be rolling out to Italian and French-speaking users later this year.

If you want to jump on the high-tech eyewear bandwagon, the Ray-Ban Stories start at $299/£299 and are available with prescription lenses.

What are the best sunglasses to choose in 2022?

These sunglasses are CE marked and offer UV400 protection to reduce glare outdoors. Available in many colors, they have the particularity of having wooden frames, made by hand. Light and comfortable, they can be adjusted using a precision screwdriver. We only regret the low resistance of the glasses to scratches, forcing them to be stored carefully between two uses.

Most :

  • CE marking UV400 protection;
  • Wooden frames;
  • 12 colors available.

The lessers :

  • Fragile glasses with scratches.

Both retro and original, these Oakley sunglasses suit many styles. Reminiscent of a well-known competing line, they stand out with azure blue glass. Designed by an American skateboarding and snowboarding star, these glasses help reduce the visual discomfort of the sun. Patented polarized lenses improve contrast, although they tend to darken the field of vision in cloudy weather.

Most :

  • 100% UV protection Category 3;
  • Plutonite polarized lenses;
  • Light and resistant frames.

The lessers :

  • Only one color available.

Inspired by timeless designs, these sunglasses feature a butterfly-shaped lens on a slim gold frame with center bar. A gradient smoked effect reinforces the feminine style of this accessory. UV 3 protection helps reduce glare and preserve the eye. We only regret the one size of this model, however suitable for thin faces.

Most :

  • Female form;
  • Cat 3 UV protection;
  • Elegant retro style.

The lessers :

  • Suitable for thin faces.

Both by their line and by their tortoiseshell pattern, these men’s sunglasses reinforce a unique style. The round shape of the lens covers a wide area to effectively reduce glare. The mark appears discreetly in engraving on the frame, at the level of the fixing screw. We only regret the ends of the branches, which are not very comfortable when they are positioned quickly.

Most :

  • Vintage line and pattern;
  • Gradient smoked glass;
  • Good protection against glare.

The lessers :

  • Tips of angular branches.

The renowned brand in fashion accessories and leather goods also offers sunglasses. This model adds a touch of mystery thanks to a slightly smoked glass. The wide temples of the frame modernize a vintage line. The tortoiseshell pattern lets light through to give the impression of movement. Only downside: noted in 48, they cut a little big.

Most :

  • Feminine retro line;
  • Slightly smoked glass;
  • Large temples with tortoiseshell pattern.

The lessers :

  • A little big for an announced 48.

The legendary model of the brand still seduces, decade after decade. The line is now available in several colors of frames and lenses. These Ray-Ban sunglasses are suitable for both men and women to protect their eyes from glare, with a recognizable style. The anti-scratch treated glass resists pockets and sand, although it is still recommended to store them systematically in their case between two uses.

Most :

  • Timeless model;
  • Unisex styling;
  • Available in several colors (frames and lenses).

The lessers :

  • Button of the case provided fragile.

Elegant and lightweight, these sunglasses protect the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun thanks to category 3 UV protection. The black frame stands out from the design common to all the brand’s models. The smoked glass provides a slightly darkening filter for more comfort outdoors, for both men and women.

Most :

  • Discreet frame;
  • Cat 3 UV protection;
  • Slightly smoked glass.

The lessers :

  • Only one size available.

The Ray-Ban Aviators are among the most famous models in the world, all brands combined. The reference even gave its name to a form of glass. The ultra-thin metallic frame contrasts with the iconic smoked lens. In addition to the color customizations available, the brand offers a tip to check the correct size of its glasses. However, we regret the pinch effect of the nose protection, which is sometimes unpleasant depending on the morphology.

Most :

  • Mythical model;
  • Comfortable glass shape;
  • Branches practically imperceptible.

The lessers :

  • Fairly firm nose clips.

Ray-Ban Stories are now compatible with WhatsApp

The smart glasses that Meta (Facebook) has developed in collaboration with Ray-Ban aim to become the gateway to a mobile-free future, but they are still far from achieving it. However, in the last few hours, they have incorporated an interesting feature that could go a long way in improving their communication features: WhatsApp support.

According to Mark Zuckerberg’s company, Ray-Ban Stories now include new “hands-free” features that allow interaction with WhatsApp. The founder and CEO of Meta announced the news himself on his Facebook profile, without giving too many details.

“Today we are launching more hands-free features for Ray-Ban Stories. You can now make calls, listen to the playback of messages and send end-to-end encrypted messages with WhatsApp,” he said. Additionally, he promised that very soon users will have the ability to reply to messages directly using voice commands. However, it is not yet known when this feature will be available.

WhatsApp support in Ray-Ban Stories isn’t much of a surprise. After all, it makes sense that Meta would want to close circles to try and get more out of its platform ecosystem. Let’s not forget that by the end of 2021, it had already given its smart glasses support for similar Facebook Messenger options.

In this way, the accessory begins to acquire abilities that gives it more real use. Since its launch, the Ray-Ban Stories was nothing more than an expensive device for taking photos and recording short videos in first person and then sharing them on social media. The idea itself wasn’t bad, but it was very specific. And if we add to this the fact that the quality of the recordings was far from ideal, it was very difficult for the product to arouse great interest among the public.

WhatsApp support, the latest addition to Ray-Ban Stories

Nor does that mean WhatsApp support will make Ray-Ban Stories sell in the millions overnight. Still, it’s a nice addition for those who want to take advantage of messaging apps without having to interact with a smartphone.

It is clear that Ray-Ban Stories there is still a long way to go. Meta sees her smart glasses as the first step in her much talked about metaverse. However, it will be very difficult until the device is massively popular in the world. And that still seems very far from any possibility in the short term.

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