A prototype of Meta’s future professional virtual reality headset was forgotten in a hotel room, which allowed an Internet user to film it and publish the video.

We do indeed see a virtual reality headset that bears the name of Meta Quest Pro and whose design is very similar to the renderings that had been previously published. We note in particular the presence of three cameras on the front of the helmet, as well as a half-shell on the back, probably to better ensure the holding of the helmet.

The box also contains two controllers, the design of which is very different from that of those present on the Meta Quest 2 headset (ex-Oculus Quest 2), without the large hoops. Each controller features a mini-joystick, at least three control buttons, and two triggers.

Recall that the Meta Quest Pro headset, previously known as Project Cambria, is intended primarily for professionals and should cost more than 1,000 euros. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, says the device can “replace your laptop or work environment.” It has a gaze tracking function, but can also follow the movements of your face and, for example, transmit them to your avatar in the metaverse.

This discovery of the Meta Quest Pro headphones is reminiscent of that of the iPhone 4 prototype which had been forgotten in a bar in 2010. And last June, it was a prototype of the Pixel 7 Pro which was put up for sale on eBay, with to the key a deletion of the data of its acquirer a few weeks later.

Meta’s next Quest Pro headset is believed to have leaked on social media

We’re seeing more and more VR headsets hitting the market as the technology becomes more mainstream. With big players, such as Apple and Meta, involved, the new technology is gaining popularity. We know Meta is working on a Quest Pro headset, which we were expecting to see later this year.

Beyond a quick teaser, Meta has been tight-lipped about the new headset. But according to some social media posts, we might know what it looks like.

Originally shared by Ramiro Cardenas on Facebook, images of the Quest Pro show both the device itself and the packaging that comes with it. The images were shared in the comments of a post in a Facebook group for Oculus Quest 2 owners, and were later followed by a short video.

Cardenas explains that he found the device left in a hotel room, before recovering the images. It wouldn’t be the first time that left-behind prototypes hit the web. But the video raises some questions. The packaging is more like that of the normal Quest 2. This could be due to the similarity of the mark, or there could be a deception going on. With the video showing the device, we can see some differences between the headsets. It may be true after all.

On the alleged Quest Pro, we can see a new camera array with multiple sensors for room detection. There is no strap to put on the head, although it may have just been removed. Like the original Oculus Quest, there appears to be a dial on the front of the headset, presumably to control the distance between the lenses. Finally, we see some new handsets that seem to match the Meta teasers – they’ve ditched tracking rings.

As with all leaks, we won’t know if they’re right until the product hits shelves. We expect to see the launch of Quest Pro at Meta’s annual Connect event on October 11th. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the new headset offers.

Facebook: forgotten in a hotel, its next virtual reality headset shows up on the web

If Meta (ex-Facebook) hoped to keep its secret warm until October 11, 2022, the date of its Meta Connect conference, it has failed. The company’s next virtual reality headset is to be unveiled there, but the product is already making the rounds on the web. A prototype was found by a hotel employee, who jumped at the chance to offer a little unboxing to the curious. We even know the official name of the product: Meta Quest Pro.

Ramiro Cardenas reportedly found Meta’s VR headset carelessly forgotten in a bedroom, so he shared the images in the comments of a post on the Oculus Quest 2 Facebook group. After the photos, the man made a short video in which he can be seen unboxing the product and associated accessories. The packaging of this Meta Quest Pro also bears the mention “not intended for sale”.

The design of the helmet is not a big surprise for those who follow the news of virtual reality, this one being very close to the images previously unveiled for the promotion of the project, known until now under the name of Project Cambria. Still according to our colleagues, the Meta employee who stayed in the room and forgot his precious helmet has since asked for it to be returned.

This is not the first product unveiled before the official date due to an employee’s thoughtlessness. This was the case, for example, of the iPhone 4 in 2010, which had been abandoned in a bar.

First leaked images of the Meta Quest Pro

The video was posted on the gaming channel Zectariuz Gaming. We can discover a device that strongly resembles the helmet teased by Mark Zuckerberg for several months and which will be presented on October 11th. The leaker does not give more information on the interface or his experience with the helmet, but the video allows you to get a first idea of ​​the machine.

The design will be visibly less bulky than that of the Quest 2. We can discover three cameras on the front panel, as well as two controllers whose style has been revised. Meta ditched the round shape for something more classic (and arguably sturdier). Everything seems in line with getting started videos that leaked last year.

On the box, we can see the name “Meta Quest Pro” as well as a large label indicating that the product is not intended for sale since it is a developer machine. We’ll know more at Meta’s Connect conference, where Mark Zuckerberg is expected to reveal his future plans for the metaverse and AR/VR in general.


A month before its official presentation, photos and a video revealing the Meta Quest Pro, the future virtual reality headset developed by Facebook, were published.

For the element of surprise, it is missed. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, met on October 11, 2022 for its Meta Connect conference to present its latest innovations. One of the main attractions of the event will be the next virtual reality headset Meta Quest Pro, which must accompany the development of its “metaverse”.

Ramiro Cardenas, a hotel worker, claims to have found Meta’s next virtual reality headset carelessly abandoned in a bedroom. He then posted on Facebook several photos of the object and its accessories as well as a video in which he can be seen examining the product from several angles. The headset packaging is labeled “Meta Quest Pro” and “Not For Sale, Prototype”.

Ramiro Cardenas said the person who stayed in the room in question has since claimed the helmet back. This is not the first time that an individual has “forgotten” a confidential prototype. Across the Atlantic, one of the best-known examples concerns the iPhone 4, found in 2010 in a bar shortly before its official launch, or even a Google Pixel watch, this time in a restaurant.

The Meta Quest Pro is rumored to adopt a premium positioning with an all-new eye and face tracking system. It would also be equipped with a higher resolution screen than the Oculus Quest 2.

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