You can try the game from today until next January 21

A few days ago we told you all the news that Konami had revealed about Metal Gear Survive. The beta for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is now available that allows you to test the game and that will also help the company to make its spruebas. It will be open for the next 4 days. In it we can access two maps and three missions in cooperative mode.

The content of the beta is as follows:

  • You can try the Cooperative mode in which up to 4 players form a team to fight together
  • 2 levels, Base destroyed and Mine abandoned, and 3 different missions

In addition to testing the title, there will be some bonuses for those who finally get the final version:

  • A FOX HOUND nameplate
  • A Metal Gear REX Head accessory
  • A bandana accessory

The game will require constant Internet connection and there will be micropayments

According to Konami: “Metal Gear Survive’s online connectivity requirements were built to allow seamless integration between player mode and cooperative mode. This will also allow us to offer continuous content after launch.

On the subject of micropayments, within the game there will be a store where we can buy different items. Virtual currencies will be available to buy with real money.

They have also been revealed by one of Konami’s managers, Jennifer tsang, some details of the duration of the single player mode. It will last approximately 15 to 20 hours of play.

Metal Gear Survive will be available on February 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will be priced at € 39.99.