THE Metro Exodus rocked the market when, weeks before the launch of Steam in February last year, Deep Silver confirmed that the game would be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. This exclusivity, however, ended recently, and according to Deep Silver’s parent company, Embracer Group, performed very well on Steam at launch.

During the company’s recent earnings conference, CEO Lars Wingefors also provided some sales figures, discovered by PC Gamer. Apparently, just five days after its launch on Steam, the 4A Games game has sold more than 200,000 copies on Valve’s digital store and appears to perform surprisingly well in China.

“I was happy to see him doing well, selling about 200,000 copies,” said Wingefors, “and it was surprising to see a large country in Asia, the largest country, buying the product.”

Metro Exodus also sold very well at the Epic Games Store at launch last year. His second (and final) DLC, Sam’s Story, came out recently.

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