Microsoft closes Minecraft Earth, the ambitious alternative to Pokémon Go has not had the success they expected

Something more than a year has Minecraft earth available to users and now has announced its closure. On June 30, the augmented reality game will stop working. An augmented reality game that in a way was born with the idea of ​​competing with the successful Pokémon Go. Things have not gone as well as expected and the world has not been filled with blocks and virtual monsters.

The closure of Minecraft Earth implies that in addition to not being able to download the game anymore, It will not be accessible anymore as it requires an Internet connection to place the elements and connect to the user’s account. As of July 1, 2021, the user’s data will also be deleted.

If the user has spent money on in-game purchases, Microsoft will offer these users tokens for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft on mobile devices. That is, Minecraft Earth rubies can be spent as Minecoins in Minecraft Bedrock to buy items or customize the character. There are more details about it on the support page opened by Mojang.

Once the bad news is given, the good news comes. In order to close the game in style, Mojang has sent a new update to make the game as playable and fun as possible for the next six months before closing. To do this, they have eliminated purchases with real money, they have reduced costs to obtain items, they have reduced construction times and more features.

The game created to be played outside and with others

The current situation due to COVID-19 accuses Mojang (Microsoft developer) of the closure of Minecraft Earth. As indicated, the game was created to be played outdoors and in collaboration with other people, exactly what has prevented COVID-19 during 2020.

After the arrival of the pandemic, from Microsoft decided to make changes to the game to make it more playable indoors and without as much collaboration. It does not seem that it has been enough, as the game has not gained popularity after these changes and has lost so much interest on the part of the players that they have had to reach the point of closing it.

Things however they contrast in full with Pokémon Go. Niantic-Nintendo’s game is also an outdoor and collaborative game and the pandemic has not only not reduced its popularity, but is making it more money than ever. Pokémon Go also adapted to the new situation, and is breaking record after record in revenue and popularity.

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