Microsoft recently registered a new patent, including a very interesting one: an Xbox One controller with a touchpad on the back with braille to help visually impaired gamblers. The patent was discovered by the website LetsGoDigital.

Basically, the “touchpad” (if we can call it that) would “raise” tactile information in Braille so that visually impaired people would have a data entry that they could interpret more easily. In addition to the touchpad, the control would have six levers on the rear.

These levers would help players have easy buttons near the touchpad with braille information, helping players not to be left without reading. In addition, the patent says that the touchpad would help convert voices into Braille, making it even possible to read text chat for people with visual impairments.

Because it is a patent, that is, a registered idea, it does not mean that Microsoft is developing control at this time. However, the company has embraced diversity and inclusion in its products, from the adaptive control of Xbox One to greater customization of avatars on Xbox Live (such as wheelchairs, prosthetics and more), which may indicate that the project will become reality in the future.

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