Microsoft is no longer offering an annual Xbox Live Gold subscription

And this little thing can project serious changes.

An Xbox Live Gold subscription has long been an integral part of Xbox consoles, allowing you to play online, and for several years now, free games have been available to subscribers from time to time. However, it is possible that Microsoft will make important changes to the service soon.

For some reason, it is no longer possible to buy 12-month Xbox Live Gold through the Microsoft Store, and it doesn’t seem to be a bug, as the Redmond company has confirmed that this option was intentionally removed from the offer. We can still buy a one- or three-month subscription, but it still seems like a weird move, as most people are likely to pay for the long term.

However, this maneuver can mean several things. For example, for the next generation, Microsoft may be overhauling the way the service works, and perhaps it could even happen that we will be able to play online for free on the Xbox Series X. However, the explanation seems to be somewhat more likely that the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which also includes the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, is starting to become more popular, so there is less need for a longer-term separate subscription.

What do you think may be the reason for the deletion?