Windows 10 X little by little gives clues about a future that seems closer and closer. We saw the latest move recently, when a Chromium-based version of Edge appeared for the budding operating system. And now rumors are putting Windows 10X back on the table thanks to Cloud PC, a hitherto unknown alternative in the American company.

It would be a development in which Microsoft is working, a system that would bring Microsoft’s operating system to the cloud and that they would be especially penalized for companies and that they do not have to worry about updates or compatibility with applications.

Windows 10X from anywhere

Cloud PC could be, on the one hand, the solution to be able to run Win32 apps on Windows 10X, but also for running Windows in the cloud and facilitating access from anywhere and on any computer.

Cloud PC could take our PC, the desktop we use, to any point thanks to the Microsoft cloud with Azure. It could be accessed remotely, even from an iOS or Android-based phone. And all these data are derived from a support document in which Microsoft reveals that they work on this system. In fact, Microsoft refers to it as “Cloud PC security baseline template”.

With Cloud PC, Windows 10X will become available always and in the cloud, a function that would be aimed at companies. In addition, they point out that it could be the solution to run Win32 applications on Windows 10X without having to do it locally or with SandBox-style options. It would be like one more step from Windows Virtual Desktop.

In fact, the using the cloud to power an operating system is nothing new, and the best example we have in Google with Chrome OS, when more than 10 years ago it lit Chromebooks to bring its operating system to cheap and always connected computers.

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