Microsoft removes support for Flash in the latest manual update that you can download for Windows 10

Microsoft continues with its catalog of releases ua midweek we have seen a new release arrive. This is the Build, which comes with the associated patch KB4577586. And among the novelties offered by a very special one such as the removal for Flash support in Windows 10.

Years have passed since Apple gave the first lace to the development of Adobe. Later we saw how it removed the compatibility in its MacOS Sierrra operating system (it recently disappeared from Safari). Little by little Flash has been cornered and now, the disappearance of Windows 10 it supposes another blow, perhaps the final one.

A farewell already known

Information revealed in Bleeping Computer when detailing how this update called “Update for the removal of Adobe Flash Player”, is intended to remove support for Flash on Windows 10 computers.

This information must be emphasized and it is that the update (KB4577586) eliminates Flash but only the version included in Windows 10, not affecting the particular installations carried out by users as well as those that include browsers such as Edge.

Flash support for Windows 10 will disappear by the end of the year And in January 2021 we will see the latest version of Edge based on Chromium compatible with Flash arrive. In Microsoft’s words: _ “We released this removal update before support ends to help customers test and validate their environments for any impact that might occur with the removal of Adobe Flash Player” _.

This optional update and to install it you must access the Microsoft update catalog, so you should not be aware of Windows Update. Of course, once installed it cannot be reversed and if you want to have Flash again you will have no choice but to install Windows 10 again.

This is the first step, as the future of Flash is to become an optional update. Updates will come later cumulative for different versions of Windows, such as Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.