Microsoft has announced a bundle on its own website with a white Xbox One X and Fallout 76. For 500 euros you get the console, Fallout 76 and an Xbox controller. The bundle is likely to be released at the same time as Fallout 76 on November 14. In addition, Microsoft will also release a special white Elite controller on October 16.

For Fallout fans who want to purchase an Xbox One X, a great opportunity may arise: Microsoft unveiled an Xbox One X bundle with Fallout 76 this afternoon. The bundle is offered for 500 euros, which includes one month of free Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

In addition to the bundle, Microsoft is also coming with a new, Special Edition Xbox Elite controller, which surprisingly will not include a bluetooth function (maybe something to do with input lag?). The controller has the same features and design as the Xbox Elite controller that appeared in 2015. For example, the four paddles can be programmed and it is possible to place other sticks and another D-pad on the controller. You can also program the interchangeable components into presets that you can assign to games of your choice in an app.

The rumor that the new Xbox Elite controller was coming comes from a tweet from a editor of The Verge, Tom Warren. The new Xbox Elite controller will be released on October 16, the Xbox One X bundle with Fallout 76 will be released on November 14.

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