Microsoft: ‘Xbox Live usage higher than ever’

Microsoft says Xbox Live usage is higher than ever. In November and December 2016, Xbox gamers collectively spent 3.9 billion hours online.

The company explains the growth of the service partly due to the popularity of the Xbox One S. The updated console was one of the most sold Microsoft products during the last Christmas period. Compared to the year before, Xbox Live saw 23% more usage.

Xbox One players have played 265 million hours of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games like Fallout: New Vegas. Windows 10 gamers used Microsoft’s service for 2.5 billion hours in November 2016, up 127% from the same month a year earlier.

Microsoft says it is excited to show even more in 2017, including the unveiling of Project Scorpio “in the coming months.” The Microsoft VR glasses are expected in spring 2017.