Minecraft already has raytracing on Windows 10

The Minecraft patch that offers raytracing functionality is now available to all players, seven months after it was released in beta.

To use it, you will need an RTX graphics card. Those who have it, will be able to access a pack of special textures that, according to Mojang explains, “interacts with the ray-tracing effects to improve the overall experience.

According to our colleagues at Digital Foundry, when they tested the beta earlier this year, the results were quite impressive, and its implementation “produces effects that we have never seen in video games before.”

To enjoy the improvements, players will have to create or download worlds that implement raytracing, but Mojang has specified that these worlds can be played, too, by users who do not have RTX cards without any problem. Right now, there are quite a few worlds using raytracing in the game store.

There is more information about the update on the Mojang website.