Minecraft and Minecraft: Dungeons with a shared launcher

Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft: Dungeons require a special launcher to run on PC. So far, both productions had separate applications of this type. Due to the last update to the first of the above-mentioned titles, this situation has changed.

The update implementing the changes is completely free and will download automatically after starting Minecraft Java Edition. After its installation, the so-called Minecraft Unified Launcher from which to run Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Dungeons. It will also allow you to dynamically switch between Mojang and Microsoft accounts. At the same time, the analogous application assigned to the latter will stop working.

This change will not affect the productions themselves. Launcher reads data from the same folders as its predecessors. This means that all data will be saved and you can continue the game without any problems.

It should also be remembered that despite having a common launcher, both productions are still sold separately. Lack of one of the titles or a game using Xbox Game Pass will not affect the operation of the program.

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