Minecraft Dungeons – Tips: Our Guide to This Treasure-Packed Adventure

Minecraft Dungeons is an adventure role-playing game released in May 2020 for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One that is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

Similar to dungeon crawlers like Diablo or Torchlight, Minecreaft Dungeons encourages you to venture into procedurally generated levels alone or with friends, defeating iconic Minecraft enemies and expanding your heroes’ abilities by collecting all the loot you can find.

And, just like those other adventures, the higher difficulties and secrets give you an incentive to keep coming back. If you’re starting your first game, we’ve got tons of tips for Minecraft Dungeons to help guide you through the important aspects and things you might miss.

Minecraft Dungeons – tips for exploring and using the map

  • Make sure to explore all the levels, as you can find chests with better items and occasionally secret levels. In general, if you are going in the opposite direction of the target arrow, you are more likely to find something valuable.
  • If you are not sure whether an area can be explored or not, look at the map. If it’s within limits, you can get there somehow. Look for bridges, alternative routes or even walk against the limit, sometimes your character can climb walls.
  • Holding down the map button will allow you to better see the level, including the number of secrets and chests you can find.
  • Rolling is not only useful for dodging enemies, but it is also useful for exploring, allowing you to go over small gaps to reach distant areas and chests.
  • While you can’t fall off most ledges just by walking, you can fall when you roll. You will return to the screen with less health.

Minecraft Dungeons – tips for combat and loot

  • Don’t be afraid to raise the difficulty at the beginning, as Minecraft Dungeons starts out quite easy. You can choose various difficulty options before starting each level, and we recommend at least 1.4x in the first few bars.
  • That said, don’t be afraid to lower the difficulty, the last levels are much longer and difficult than the rest, and if they help you progress (especially to unlock secret levels and reach the higher difficulty levels), especially considering Note that you only have a finite number of lives to reach the end of each level.
  • Besides arrows, everything works with timeouts, so use that to your advantage. If you’re about to enter a room full of enemies, wait for your health potion and artifacts to refill. Or, if things get tough, walk away, take a few seconds to recharge everything, and come back to give it your all (before repeating the process).
  • On the occasions when you can’t retreat (like bosses), you should be able to dodge attacks if you don’t stop moving. This is useful if you have low health and have to wait for your health potion to recharge. In some bosses it is an essential tactic to avoid looking overwhelmed.
  • Although none of the end-level bosses are skippable, most mini-bosses like Enderman (who also have a health bar at the top of the screen) are optional, so feel free to avoid them if you do. you prefer.
  • In the same way, beyond the specific level objectives, there is nothing to avoid passing in front of enemies, something useful that you want to return to where you were after losing your lives or to reach a boss sooner. That said, be very careful because it is very easy for enemies to surround you.
  • Always make sure you have your equipment enchanted. You will get an enchantment point for each level gained and, although you have a finite number, you can get them again by destroying your previous equipment.
  • We also recommend that you stop to check your inventory often, even in the middle of exploring a dungeon. It’s easy not to realize you’ve gotten a useful item, and some seemingly small items can really help you after being enchanted.

Some Minecraft Dungeons Details You May Have Missed

  • Each completed level adds a chest with 50 emeralds somewhere in the Camp, so take a spin before continuing your adventures.
  • One of the features of the Camp that you may overlook is your house (in the upper right), which updates as you play, filling with trophies and memories of the levels you have played.
  • Non-aggressive animals (chickens, cows, sheep) can be killed for health items, and they sometimes even drop Emeralds.
  • Even when playing offline, pausing will keep the game running. So if you need to leave command, go back to a previous area without enemies. We learned this in the worst way possible …
  • Minecraft Dungeons will add cross-platform multiplayer upon launch as part of a free update, allowing you to join your friends regardless of their platform of choice: PC, PS4, Switch, or Xbox One.