Minecraft Earth beta registration is now available on Android

Minecraft Earth, the Pokémon GO-style Minecraft augmented reality game, has been available in closed beta on iOS since early summer. Now, finally, Android users can now sign up to try it out.

Minecraft Earth plays with augmented reality in a very similar way to Niantic’s game, with a map that is the environment of the real world in which we move. As we explore the map, objects known as Tappables appear.

If we interact with these Tappables we will unlock new building materials and mob skins that can be used to build with friends and see our creations captured in the real world through the mobile screen.

If you are Android users and want to try Minecraft Earth with the closed beta, you can register on the official website. You must be over 18 years of age, and have an Android device compatible with at least Android 7.