Minecraft Earth comes to an end with the closure of its servers, so it can no longer be played or downloaded from June

The beginning of the end. Minecraft Earth, one of Microsoft’s most ambitious projects, has decided to finalize the title. The game allows us place blocks and buildings in real life thanks to the augmented reality functions of mobile devices.

As you can imagine, exploring your city is essential to reflect the best possible experience. Due to the current global situation, design “around free movement and collaborative play” It has become almost impossible, they have revealed from the team.

Be June 30, 2021 when “all content and service support for the game” is discontinued. The game will not be downloaded, of course, and it will not even be playable. All player data will be deleted on July 1, as long as it is not related to the rights of Character Creator and Minecoin.

However, one more update remains. With it will come the definitive version of Minecraft earth and will include various changes for the final closing. These are all the modifications:

  • Eliminate real money transactions.
  • Drastically reduce the cost of the ruby.
  • Lots of unreleased content.
  • Reduce the time requirements for crafting and casting.
  • Replacement of unused Crafting and Foundry Augments with Radius Augments of the same level.
  • Award a set of Character Creator items to players who log in between January 5 and June 30.

All purchases made so far will be replaced by Minecoins, which can be “used in the Minecraft Marketplace to purchase skin and texture packs, maps, and even minigames.” If this is your case, you will also receive a free copy of Minecraft, the Bedrock version.