Minecraft Earth, Microsoft’s augmented reality game, to close in June

Mojang has announced the end of Minecraft Earth, the mobile augmented reality version of the popular game. Minecraft Earth was launched in an escalated way in 2019 (it arrived in Spain in November) and your support will end in June 2021.

Minecraft Earth is a new victim of the coronavirus pandemic that, according to Mojang, “has made almost impossible” the two pillars on which the game is based: “free movement and collaborative play.” The game you have received your latest update and will continue to operate until June 30.

Minecraft Earth prepares his burial

Minecraft’s Pokémon Go will not survive the second half of 2021: Minecraft Earth will close in June 2021 although, as a consolation, the game has received a latest update with the latest build of the game and that makes some changes to the game to “make it as fun as possible”.

In this way, integrated purchases are eliminated, prices are dramatically reduced, all the additional content for the game they had ready is included, the creation and casting time is reduced, the crafting and casting boosts that you have not used are exchanged for radio boosts of the same level and a set of objects is granted to the character creator for those who log into the game.

Players who own rubies will receive Minecoins, which can be used in the Minecraft Marketplace to purchase skins, texture packs, maps, and mini-games. If you ever made an in-app purchase in Minecraft Earth, you will receive a free copy of Minecraft (Bedrock Edition).

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