Minecraft is updated in Windows 10 and now we can see the structures better than ever thanks to the inclusion of raytracing

The infinite game, the one in which imagination is the limit … as long as an unexpected creeper does not spoil the party. Minecraft is one of the oldest titles in video games and it still stands as one of the most played works every year.

Therefore, the game is not alien to technological advances. A new patch for Windows 10 definitely implements raytracing features, seven months later since its beta launch. An RTX graphics card will be required to enjoy ray tracing technology.

Once the package is installed, it is essential to create or download maps that include raytracing, although since Mojang they have ensured that the worlds can be played by users who do not have RTX cards.

As we know, Minecraft is a title that draws on the creativity of its users and the DLC that are added. One of the best is the one that has been announced from Star Wars and that will transport us to a very distant galaxy. Furthermore, the long-awaited film adaptation of the title has been indefinitely delayed again.