Minecraft launched in Minecraft – an impressive robot on the phone

Minecraft inception – Minecraft on the phone. Minecraft on the phone.

One of the Reddit users on_reddit_i_gettit shared his interesting project. Namely, on the mobile version of Minecraft some time ago there was a modification introducing a working phone to the game. A few days ago, the author of the thread decided to add an application to the mod that allows you to run the popular production of Mojang studio (the game on the phone is imitated by special scripts created using the so-called command blocks). This, technically speaking, allowed him to play Minecraft on the phone in Minecraft on the phone. It is all the more impressive that the player used the so-called the version of Bedrock that is said to be a chore to design something like this. You can see exactly what his work looks like in the video below.

Minecraft on a phone on Minecraft on my Phone from r / Minecraft

The creator used the modification that can be downloaded at this address. It is worth noting that its original version with Minecraft is not yet available to the public. The phone in the game uses mapping technology, which means that we move on the screen using the movements of our character in the normal world. Jump is responsible for clicking on the screen, and crouching is responsible for returning to the start screen. The original version of the modification allows e.g. to listen to music and play Flappy Bird.

Minecraft 1.16.2 update

Finally, it’s also worth noting that Minecraft has just received another update. It is much smaller than the one released at the end of June, where the creators focused mainly on enriching the Nether location. Now, players can only expect minor improvements, including a new enemy, experimental support for proprietary biomes, and bug fixes. The full list of changes in 1.16.2 can be found here.

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