Minecraft sends you to a new, free dog paradise with Dogtopia

  • New Minecraft map is an island full of doggos
  • You can download the creative map for free from the Minecraft Marketplace

On December 3, 2020, the official Minecraft account advertised a free map on Twitter that would tease dog lovers a few happy panting. In his tweet, the Minecraft account writes:

“Fluffy dogs; curly-haired dogs; cuddly dogs; grumpy dogs: no matter what shape or size they are, they’ll wag their tails vigorously at Dogtopia’s adorable dog carnival!”

Fluffy dogs; frizzy dogs; cuddly dogs; grumpy dogs: no matter your shape or size, you? ll be doing plenty of tail-wagging at Dogtopia? s delightful canine carnival!

Grab the free map, and explore this magical island yourself:

? https://t.co/PJxTQSLouD? pic.twitter.com/7kUVNUN84W

– Minecraft (@Minecraft) December 3, 2020

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A picture that is otherwise known from travel guides shows the adventurous players a hilly landscape, a roller coaster and a sunset adorned by two hot air balloons.

You don’t even have to look closer to see what the new map has to do with the fluffy four-legged friends, because almost everything on the map is decorated with a dog’s head or delicious bones that sprout from the ground like in the land of milk and honey.

You can download the fluffy map on the Minecraft Marketplace. However, the content of Dogtopia can vary depending on the platform. Minecraft describes one of their probably most cuddly maps as a wonderful island where bacon grows on trees and there are never any fleas. Sounds very appealing!

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Source : Twitter Feeds