Minecraft: Story Mode Episodes Reappear at $ 100 on Xbox 360 for Former Buyers to Download

Telltale’s game Minecraft: Story Mode has reappeared on the Xbox 360 digital store at a prohibitive price: € 100 per episode.

As explained on the game’s Facebook page, the game was removed from the digital store a few days ago, as is happening with many other games from the late developer. In fact, as of June 25, the game will not even be available to download again.

However, in the case of Xbox 360 there was a problem: removing it from the store prevented buyers of the game from being able to download it again. The only way they have found to allow former game buyers to access this content again has been by putting the chapters up for sale again.

The price of € 100 per episode is for nobody to buy now; in the message they say directly “please, do not buy this content.”

On June 25, the game will disappear from the Xbox 360 store again and it will not be possible to download it again. This measure also applies to the rest of the platforms, where sales have already stopped.

The disappearance of Minecraft: Story Mode and other games from different digital platforms are a consequence of the closure of Telltale Games at the end of last year. Here you can read about the fate of the former studio workers.