Minecraft Super Duper Pack canceled

Announced at E3 2017 the Minecraft Super Duper Pack has now been canceled.

Mojang confirmed that this package that would introduce a new visual style in Minecraft is no longer in development as it “proved to be too demanding to be implemented as planned.”

The studio was not happy with the performance of the Minecraft Super Duper Pack on the devices where the game is available and will now look for other ways to change the look of Minecraft for anyone who wants it.

“We know this is a disappointment for some – the enthusiasm for the Super Duper inside and outside the studio was immense, but unfortunately, we are not happy with the package’s performance on the devices,” says Majong on the official website.

“For this reason, we will stop developing the package and look for other ways to play Minecraft with a new look.”

Mojang hopes to have news about this soon.